10 Funny Faces That Will Make You Fall Off Your Chair From Laughter


Funny faces are always a perfect therapy in the middle of the busy day or week.

And no one is better at making funny facial expressions than babies.

Innocent. Natural. Hilarious. Here are our 10 suggestions that will definitely cheer you up … just hold firm to your chair!

1. Hi there!

2. Ten more minutes, mommy. Please, please just ten…

3. Touch my mommy and I’ll cut you.

4. What exactly do you want from me?!

5. What are you looking at? I’m just not in the mood, ok?

6. Did you smile today?

7. Which one fits you better?

8. When you see someone else eating your favorite food.

9. I. Am. Not. Impressed.

10. That face right before you sneeze.


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