10 Embarrasing Road Accidents by Absolutely Dumb Drivers That Will Leave You Speechless


Every once in a while a car accident picture catches us off guard. These are some photos of the funniest, and scariest, road accidents from drivers who just weren’t paying attention.

We invite you to laugh your way to the finish line with our new collection of funny car accident pictures. Some of them are a bit scary but most of these accident photos are results of crazy and weird driving.

Oh, and by the way … Did you know that the average person has 3 accidents a year? Sometimes it’s a speeding ticket, sometimes it’s a fender bender, but for these drivers it was a little more than that. Just imagine if all the drivers were as careful as our contributors – we wouldn’t be able to complete this article… ever.

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1. And yup he did do it!!!! He wrecked the bridge

funny driver
2.  When they believe they can fly
funny driver

3. The pickup truck which you surely NEED in a FLAT world
funny driver

4. You gotta admit, this car door hinge design was pretty useful in this situation.

funny driver

5. Boss, boss, I’ll come later. The traffic is awful

funny driver 7

6. I need a background story

car driver funny

7. There have been enough Final Destination movies to know where this is going…
funny driver 7

8. Shhhhh….they’re sleeping.

cars funny

9.  This deserves a hollywood movie

cars funny

10. Warning

driver funny

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