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13 Funny Quotes About Love That Will Make You Go ROFL


Many people find it difficult to express their feelings. Let’s not be too hard on them. Their words just don’t come easy, no matter how hard they try. Let’s have a good laugh instead. And remember that love is there to be celebrated and enjoyed, even if not all of us...

13 Painfully Awkward Moments That Happen To Everyone


Let’s admit it. We’ve all found ourselves in awkward moments, no matter how much we try to avoid them. Awkward or hilarious, either way, we should simply laugh at them in a response. We’ve decided to take a look back at some of the most awkward moments that we often...

15 Gordon Ramsay Insults That Are Too Damn Funny

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You’ve heard of  Gordon Ramsay, haven’t you? The British celebrity chef, well-known for his cooking skills, tips and techniques and also for his short temper. He has revealed much of his personality in different Television shows. We’ve come to know many classic moments of his angry rants and scathing insults...

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