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11 Positive Quotes About Life That Will Bring You Joy


Everything will be fine. Everything will go well. This story will have a happy ending. Life is beautiful and good things happen to those that think about good and positive things – at least that’s what the Attraction law says – we get from the universe what we ask for...

10 Funny & Original Tangled Quotes That Will Uplift You


  The movie Tangled is based on a classic tale published in 1812 in The Tales of the Brothers Grimm. Written in the spirit of Snow White and Cinderella, it’s favorite story to both young and old ones. Through the prism of the Disney wisdom, Tangled appeals to a broad...

17 Cute Frog Pictures That Will Amaze You


Frogs hugging  and smiling, frogs dancing under the rain, frogs with colorful patterns that frighten the predators… Frogs are such interesting creatures that we decided to devote a post to them. Did you know that there are glass frogs that are nocturnal tree frogs? Or that there are over  4800...

16 Funny Promise Day Memes To Share With Your Beloved One


“I love you. I’ ll be there. I promise.” – beautiful words. Do we hear them and utter them often enough? Absorbed in our daily routine, we sometimes forget those special words mean more than anything. Why don’t you use them today? Why don’t you remind TODAY your closest friends and...

10 Memes About Work Everyone Should Laugh At Before 5pm


Do you feel tired and bored in the office? Are you stimulating work every single time someone enters the room? Are you looking for a good excuse to steal a few minutes away from your workplace to relax and enjoy yourself? Have some fun browsing through 10 funny work memes....

10 Amazing Al Pacino Quotes That Will Inspire You


Did you know that Al Pacino, or Alfredo James (his real name), is one of a few performers who have won a  an Oscar, Tony Award and an Emmy? Plus a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Film Institute… and many, many more. Al Pacino is one of only six...

15 Ridiculous Stereotypes & Their Meaning That Indians Need To Get Over

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Stereotyping is an extremely common manner of categorizing people into different groups. More often than not stereotypes become to be accepted as truths when they aren’t actually even a bit close to the reality. Stereotypes make people judgemental and give way to prejudices and discrimination. We bring to you a...

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