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roast me pics

10 Brutal Roast Me Response Pics That Burned Way Too Much


Reddit’s Roast Me can be one of the most cruelly funny place on the internet. But hey, those people asked for it, right? Well, they probably didn’t ask for this much roasting. If there really is a line between roasting and abusing, these 10 brutal roast me pics are definitely straddling...

funny rock music memes

10 Funny Rock Music Memes Even Rappers Won’t Mind


I’ve heard music is the universal language or something like that, so rock music memes must be universal as well. From famous death wishes to mindlessly falling in love over guitarists, here’s ten funny rock music memes to make everyone’s musical 2019 a little bit funnier. 1. A guitar can...

Mind Blowing Questions

10 Brain Bending Questions That Will Blow Your Mind


Some questions are just so brain-bending crazy that nobody can find a good answer. You won’t be able to answer these mind blowing questions, your mother won’t do it, and your best friend probably won’t, either. Not saying you shouldn’t try, though! 1. Either there was a Big Bang, or...

The Most Popular DailyMoss Indian Stories 2018


The editorial team at DailyMoss always strives to bring you interesting, entertaining and inspiring stories that are worth your time and visit. We work hard to find the topics and news that you might be interested in and deliver them on time while they are still news. In this post,...

10 Funny & Original Tangled Quotes That Will Uplift You


  The movie Tangled is based on a classic tale published in 1812 in The Tales of the Brothers Grimm. Written in the spirit of Snow White and Cinderella, it’s favorite story to both young and old ones. Through the prism of the Disney wisdom, Tangled appeals to a broad...

Aamir Khan

10 Old Bollywood Actors & Celebrities Who Just DON’T Age

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Who says you can’t avoid ‘ageing’? Come on, just think young, eat healthy, exercise and you’ll stay fresh and young forever. Age is just a number as they say. Here are some lucky Bollywood actors who defy science by growing younger day by day. 1. 50-year-old Aamir Khan had already...

90s dance

If You’re A 90s Indian Kid, Then These 24 Items Will Make You Cry With Nostalgia

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If you grew up in late 80s or 90s, you are much fortunate than today’s kids of idiotic generation. Ask me why? Because you enjoyed your real childhood before smart phones, tablets, facebook, selfies, and other technologies took over it and completely ruined it. Here are some 90s stuff  we...

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