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Frank Sinatra quotes

Top 5 Frank Sinatra Quotes For the Soul


1. “The best revenge is massive success.” 2. “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy.” 3. “You gotta love livin’, baby, ’cause dyin’ is a pain in the ass.” 4. “I’m gonna live till I die.” 5. “You treat a lady like a dame,...

10 Fidel Castro Quotes That Completely Changed the World


In this article, we present some of the most emblematic quotes by the former President of Cuba, Fidel Castro. Castro was a revolutionary leader and a global symbol of communism. He led Cuba through the Cold war and remained in history as one of the greatest political titans. His words...

10 Classic Nintendo Characters Every Video Game Player Must Know


If you have ever seen or played a video game you have undoubtedly come across to some of the classic Nintendo characters. Many cosplayers get their inspiration for amazing costume from Nintendo characters like Samus Aran and Baby Metroid. While the Nintendo story would not have been complete without Lakitu,...

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