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20 GIFs That Will Make You Go “WTF Japan?!”


Japan is a beautiful place with beautiful people and super advanced technology, but sometimes there’s just something really weird about them. Just like these 20 GIFs that will make you ask yourself WTF is happening in Japan, and if Japan is really weird like this??!...

20 Wholesome Memes That Are For All Ages


There are a lot of memes out there that are not safe for work and children, especially not for your parents (or you’ll get a big beating LOL). But times have changed. Here are 20 wholesome memes you can safely share to everyone!...

25 Funny YouTube Comments To Make You Laugh Today


There are a lot of toxic comments on the internet, many troll people for fun, but then there are those that comment pure gems. They make sense or they make us laugh, no matter, they are all witty. Here are 25 of the classic funny YouTube comments for you to...

20 Wholesome Memes That Will Make You Say “Nice”


If you are tired of funny memes, sad memes, super edgy emotional memes, and especially since 2016 has been generally sh*tty to all of us, a breath of fresh air is needed. Therefore, I present to you 20 wholesome memes that won’t make you feel sad, super happy, or feel...

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