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May 14, 2024

Mess. Chaos. Sleep-deprivation. Stress. Fussy eaters and endless laundry! Motherhood isn’t perfect. New blog community, New Mommmy Matrix, invites moms to embrace and celebrate parenting in the sticky-fingered real-world.

House is a mess. Always. There’s laundry piles on every surface. One of the kids is making mud pies, the other scribbles on the wall with a permanent marker stolen from my work desk whilst I change his brother’s diaper. I haven’t showered in …well, I lost track and we’re probably having pasta with a jar of store-bought sauce for dinner, again. Suffice to say that I’ve come to the conclusion that motherhood ain’t perfect!

Embrace the mess of motherhood and find your digital village at https://newmommymatrix.com/embracing-the-imperfectness-of-motherhood               

Moms Under Pressure

It’s no secret that social media puts an extraordinary amount of pressure on moms to look, feel and act “perfectly”. Rather than acting as inspiration, these perfect parents just make us feel bad. 

Did you know that those who used social media regularly were more than four times as likely to feel like they were “a bad parent”?!

My social media feed is full of these so-called perfect moms: meeting every tantrum with a glowing, angelic aura of calm, and serving dino nuggets only when they’ve been hand-made in a pristine kitchen from locally farm-raised chickens, who were sung lullabies every night, and then coated in breadcrumbs that were blessed on the first full moon of September. Their kids wear matching, stain-free button-down collared shirts and regularly come away with such profound philosophical quotes that I cringe at the mere memory of my eldest loudly burping the alphabet at last Thanksgiving dinner, whilst wiping his nose on the tablecloth. 

Are these picture-perfect families for real? Is it any wonder that we, moms, constantly feel that we’re failing? Well, thankfully, there’s a champion for the real moms who is encouraging us all to embrace the mess and imperfection of motherhood.

New Mommy Matrix

The concept behind New Mommy Matrix is acknowledgement of the simple fact that parenthood is not perfect; houses will get messy, children will get muddy, parents will make mistakes, and that is all part of the “beautiful, chaotic, and thrilling adventure” of being a mom.

 Their blog series takes this liberating idea of embracing imperfection as its central theme. Say it with me now: perfection is unattainable! 

The New Mommy Matrix blog encourages us moms to find joy in the chaos and learn from the mistakes that we all make. So instead of fretting about whether your kid got enough potassium or worrying that you sent them to kindergarten in a ketchup-stained t-shirt, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you are not alone! 

Did you mean to gentle parent and acknowledge feelings and reinforce boundaries for self-growth but instead you yelled and rage-cleaned? Well, New Mommy Matrix has been there too! These moments are framed as opportunities for growth and reflection, actually building resilience in both us moms and our kids. Once you accept that you’re not, and never will be perfect, you can truly embrace connection with your children and find ways to rebuild after those “mommy was mad” moments.

Your Imperfect Mom Tribe!

If you are looking for moms who know the reality of parenthood and aren’t afraid to share it, then you’ve found your imperfect mom tribe! The founder of New Mommy Matrix is a mom to two young boys and knows firsthand what it is like to juggle seeking more me time, achieving quality sleep, and maintaining optimal health for both the kids and yourself. 

Self-care (the holy grail of mommy “me time”) is an often overlooked but crucial part of being a mom. New Mommy Matrix knows that a mother taking care of herself is, in fact, taking care of her whole family. So take that time, momma - you need it!

Embracing the mess is also part of that self-care journey. Cutting yourself some slack, being able to set realistic expectations of yourself, and finding the strength in being vulnerable with both other parents and your own children is all part of what makes New Mommy Matrix so relatable. They even give you strategies to try out at home!

With tips covering everything from nutrition to mental health and wellness, the holistic support you’ll find with New Mommy Matrix is everything you could hope for from a digital mom community. So embrace the chaos, moms: you’re doing great!

Join the imperfect mom tribe at https://newmommymatrix.com/

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