Help Birdie Robot Golf Finish Their New Webcomic Project On The Weekend Warriors

May 15, 2024

Birdie Robot Golf, L.L.C. is creating a funny, relatable, and inspiring golf webcomic about the weekend warriors and their struggles with a sport they love and hate. Support their Kickstarter campaign to help bring this project to life!

The Birdie Robot Golf webcomic is a labor of love that combines the fun of cartoons with the competitive sport of golf. So far, the main story arc for the webcomic has been developed and written. With a new Kickstarter campaign, the creators are looking to finish working on the individual comic strip jokes and create BRG merch.

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Follow Godo & The Weekend Warriors On Their Misadventures

Birdie Robot's golf webcomic follows Godolfo "Godo" Golpher, a brilliant engineer but terrible golf player, and his wacky attempts to improve his game.

As Godo plays alongside his eccentric grandfather, Gandulio "Gandi" Golpher, and his fellow weekend warriors Frank Fader, Roberto "Tito" Teeoff, and Darla Dibot, you will experience his funny misadventures on and off the golf course as he struggles to get a handle on his swing and his multiple triple bogeys.

“We are passionate about creating a story that will make you laugh, cringe, possibly a bit sad or angry,” said a spokesperson for Birdie Robot. “For us, it is the relatability and the painful familiarity of the ups & downs of playing this easy-to-love and hate game that triggers those emotions even as we are just drafting each comic strip.”

Join The Weekend Warriors Golf Association

Birdie Robot plans to release their first story arc in a total of 100 webcomics, with 50 in black and white comic strips and 50 in full color. The comics will be published twice per week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

If you support their Kickstarter campaign, you will become an official member of the Weekend Warriors Golf Association (WWGA), with invites to special events, future giveaways for BRG merch, and much more.

The biggest contributors will have the opportunity to play a character in the webcomic. Their likeness will be drawn by Birdie Robot's talented artist and featured five times in the first story arc. They will also become an executive producer and be able to participate in Birdie Robot's creative sessions.

Help Bring BRG's Vision To Life

Birdie Robot Golf, L.L.C. was created to bring together two passions: cartoons and golf. What began as a small idea and a few drawings has now transformed into a fully realized vision that the BRG content creators are eager to bring to life.

“We really appreciate your support and look forward to providing hours of entertainment for you as well as beautiful and useful golf-related merchandise for your use. Swing hard! Swing away!” says Birdie Robot.

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