16 Funny Adult Sexy Memes That Will Have You Grounded For Staring At: Just for Laughs


You have opened this post because you are a fan of : sex joke images, sexy cartoon memes, funny sexy pics, funny hot images… let’s admit it, all you read was SEX… SEX… SEX.  you just like & think about sex…

We need to warn you though, that parental advisory is recommended for the following funny adult sexy memes… or at least, good sense of humor. They are just for adults, and just for laughs.

These sexy memes do not hold any dangers for minors or others… If you have appetite for sexy memes, we do not want to keep you hungry – that’s the post for you.

1.Is it that time of the month again?

2. When we know that we always score…

3. Who’s up for a political sandwich?

4. No, no, no… don’t even ask!

5. Generation I-don’t-remember-that-time?

6. You cannot hide your true intentions

7. Some like it hot, others like it loud.

8. Hard times…

9. Google is misleading, mom.

10. Our secret in the woods

11. Who are you kidding?

12. Hey, there… captains and pilots … yummy.

13. Emergency. Call 911, I cannot find my orgasms…

14. Wink, wink… you know what I mean, right?

15. I am on a special diet.

16. Don’t you hate the dry seasons?


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