Top 10 Amusing Quotes About Work That We All Take Wholeheartedly


Work can be a worrisome, tedious and tiring aspect of life. It can be fun also, it depends on how you look at it.

Feeling frustrated, bored and tired at work and life generally? You can find some fun and inspiring quotes about work to lessen your boredom and fuel your energy.

We have collected top 10 amusing and amazing quotes about work for you. Go ahead and explore them.

#1: You’re probably wondering when your life will take a turn from working for a living to doing what you really love.

#2: When you pretend you are working but your co-workers know you are not and want to rub it on your face, see what follows:

#3: When an employee is confused about the current job and wants to change a job. He attends an interview, see what transpires;

Interviewer: Right now, what do you make in your current work position? (The interviewer means salary).

Candidate: I make mostly errors and can see dismissal looming! So, I rather find a job that I can cope with and dismiss myself before my boss does!

#4: “What do you love about your job?” Here are 10 surprising and fun answers that many people usually give;

#5:  “I put in 100% at work always. You don’t want to know how I do it, do you? Let me show you how: I give 40% on Monday, another 10% on Tuesday, 23% on Wednesday, 22% on Thursday, and 5% on Friday.”

#6: “Once Monday morning is approaching, there are two sides of an employee.”

#7: What is your own response when asked about work? Check out what other employees are saying;

Question: How do you go to work?

Answer: Compelled!

Question: Oh no, I mean to ask, how do you arrive at work?

Answer: Depressed!

#8: “When I work extra hours my boss does not care a thing. But, when I arrive even a minute late, my boss loses his mind!”

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#9: “The thing about work opportunity is that it usually comes disguised as hard work.”

#10: Have you ever thought about other reasons people walk away from their jobs? 

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