These Stunning Photos of Extreme Sport Maniacs Will Give You Goosebumps


A great number of people engage extreme and sometimes strange activities totest their will and strength and to experience something new and exciting.

Seeking higher levels of adrenaline or a way to overcome a fear, they are often tempted to experiment and to cross established boundaries.

Here are a couple of photos of some truly brave people who are fond of intense and a bit insane sports that can get one’s heart racing.

1. We are free falling

2. Climbing the Devil’s wall

3. Courageous kid

4. Going freestyle

5. Truth or dare?

6. Football in a new dimension

7. On the edge

8. The space between

9. More than a simple ollie

10. Like a bird

11. Redefining gravity

12. Will strength

13. The perfect flip over


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