San Antonio Remote Key Button & Blade Repair, Replacement Services Available

Nov 3, 2023

Is your remote key not working? Are you locked out or stranded? Call Pop-A-Lock of San Antonio (210-222-0007) right away!

Not-So-Fun Fact!

The highway system in and around Austin, TX - especially south of the city headed towards San Antonio - is considered by some to be one of, if not THE most congested highway in the US. Of course, anyone who lives in the area is nodding solemnly right now, unsurprised. However, a stat that might come as a shock is that vehicles traveling south of Austin have an average top travel speed of just 20 mph! I can feel the frustration in my soul!

The point here is that, if you are planning to travel anywhere in the Austin area - be that south on I-35, or north on I-35, you are going to need to prepare for the worst. Most accidents and breakdowns occur at low speeds - you're creeping along, half paying attention, and suddenly -CLUNK    •that's a flat tire. Or, even worse, you stop for gas after burning 5 gallons just sitting in traffic, and your newfangled completely-remote key fob isn't working! You'll need a reliable roadside assistance provider to get you out of this jam!

Luckily for anyone in the Austin or San Antonio areas, the ever-steady hand of Pop-A-Lock will be there to help you in either of these situations. Not only can they replace and reprogram your remote or bladed key, but they can also help change flat tires, deliver gasoline, jump-start a dead battery, and even repair ignition systems.

Talk about comprehensive service!

To read more about their 24/7 roadside assistance program, visit

When you call Pop-A-Lock, they will immediately have a technician dispatched to your location from any of the several service centers in the area. They will arrive in official company vehicles and uniforms to help with any roadside issue you may have, quickly helping you out to get you back on your way as fast as possible!

With the addition of roadside assistance to their service range, you can officially call upon Pop-A-Lock to help you out no matter where you are! The company also provides key replacement and locksmithing services to residential and commercial properties, with additional support for modern security systems such as those that are password or biometrically protected.

No matter the circumstances, Pop-A-Lock will be available 24/7 to provide assistance in the event of a dead remote key battery, a broken or lost fob, or a lock out situation.

In the event that a child or pet is locked in a car, they will provide their services for free through their PALSavesKids program - a continuation of their commitment to the people of central Texas. However, if a life is endangered by the situation, ALWAYS CALL EMERGENCY SERVICES FIRST.

Remember: No other company in Central Texas has such a long track record of extraordinary service. When you call their team, you can be certain that a qualified, friendly technician will be dispatched to help you anytime, anywhere!

Pop-A-Lock has been San Antonio’s most trusted name in locksmithing for over 30 years, and as they continue to update their services to keep up with modern developments in security technology, they remain the preferred choice for residents and travelers on the I-35.

Call 210-222-0007 to speak to a representative and schedule a same-day emergency appointment.

Visit to read more about Pop-A-Lock's commitment to the people of San Antonio and to high-quality service.

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