Tax Resolution Expert In Boynton Beach Resolves Non-Filed Return Problems

Apr 29, 2024

Stephen G. Rosen, a tax and accounting expert, will resolve all your IRS problems – call (561) 609-2388 now to speak with the tax resolution expert.

If you’re facing an IRS audit, liens, or penalties due to non-filed returns or any other issue, and you’re stuck on the way forward – help is here. 

Stephen G. Rosen, CPA offers IRS tax resolution services. Book an appointment now at 

He provides IRS audit representation and can assist with non-filed tax returns and payroll tax problems, along with resolving any back tax-related issues that you may have. 

Tax Resolution Expert

Having extensive experience working with the IRS, Stephen G. Rosen recognizes the stress and frustration that the tax resolution process can cause for most people. That's why he handles the entire process - from completing and filing the necessary forms to communicating promptly with the tax authorities.

The tax expert will advocate for you, whether at the federal or state level, negotiating with the tax authorities for the best possible settlement terms.

From Audits to Property Sizeure

SGR will work with you to resolve your tax problems, whether you're being audited or facing IRS collection, like wage garnishment, property seizure, or have a lien filed against you.

And even if you have a delinquent tax debt, he will help you reach a resolution with the IRS that may involve an offer in compromise settlement - a solution available to taxpayers when full or installment payment is not possible.

“We have handled correspondence and audits from various tax authorities, including the IRS. This covers sales and payroll tax audits, where we work diligently to resolve issues to keep the taxing agencies off your back,” a spokesperson said. “Leave the audit worries to us and focus on your business at hand. We’re here to advocate for you in all tax matters.” 

Tax Resolution, Planning & More

Alongside tax problem resolution, Stephen G. Rosen offers an array of other tax and accounting solutions, from bookkeeping and tax preparations to financial audits for businesses of all sizes. You can also benefit from his year-long proactive tax planning service to lower your tax burden.

Your tax problems - and the IRS - won't go away on their own. But with expert help, you can get the best deal possible.

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