Google Predictive Autofill For Atlanta Dental Practices: Dominate Page-1 Results

May 16, 2024

The unique new Google autofill optimization technology from My Tooth Media offers several distinct benefits over traditional SEO. In fact, your Atlanta dental practice could completely own the entire first page.

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Imagine if your Atlanta dental practice appeared as soon as someone started typing a new Google query, like “best dentist in Atlanta.” Developed around the way that autofill works, that’s exactly what the new technology from My Tooth Media can do for your practice.

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It's not limited to Google. The new system also works with other leading search platforms, such as Bing and YouTube. The name of your practice will appear as a suggested search string as soon as someone starts typing a particular phrase.

First, you have to choose what keyword phrases you want, like “family dentist in Atlanta,” or “best orthodontist in Atlanta.” My Tooth Media issues each phrase to just one practice, and it’s first-come-first-serve, so get in quickly to avoid disappointment.

“If you are looking for a huge advantage over your competition, then find the best keyword phrases in the dental industry and own your local search results,” a company representative explained. “When a potential patient clicks on your office in the autocomplete suggestions, they bypass your competitors, and you will dominate the entire first page.”

How Does Autocomplete Work?

Google states that its autocomplete predictions are based on real-world searches that have been done in the past. The system assesses several factors, including the language being used, your location, and trending searches, to present a list of possible search strings.

The proprietary new technology from My Tooth Media was developed using in-depth research on the function of Google autocomplete, so it recognizes your dental practice as being closely associated with specific keywords and phrases. The company points out that, as autocomplete works at the very first stage in the search process, it presents results before either SEO or pay-per-click advertising has taken effect.

About My Tooth Media

Headquartered in California, My Tooth Media is currently rolling out its unique technology in select regions across the US. While the current focus is on dentists and dental specialists, the company states that the technology can be used for almost any industry.

“This autocomplete optimization technology works great,” one client recently stated. “Our name shows up as soon as someone starts searching for our services, and the majority of our new customers are finding us through this strategy.”

For an affordable and much more effective alternative to SEO, try the unique new autocomplete optimization tech from My Tooth Media.

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