Small Balcony Gardens In Apartments: Planting, Growing & Fertilizing Tips

Apr 29, 2024

Ready to have the beautiful balcony plants you’ve been dreaming of? By reading the expert DIY guides from Tiny Balcony Garden, you can learn how to create and maintain a thriving balcony oasis in your apartment, no matter how small!

Whether you're hoping to grow your own vegetables, you want a little more privacy, or you just want to add some beauty to your apartment, creating a balcony garden can be fulfilling and fun!

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Tiny Balcony Garden's website offers information on a range of balcony garden topics including pest control, drip irrigation, companion planting, maximizing sun exposure, container soil drainage, and more.

Growing In Limited Space

Care for balcony plants is different from care for plants and crops in larger gardens, as the limited space of balconies often dictates best practices and calls for creative solutions.

Tiny Balcony Garden strives to provide support for apartment dwellers who are interested in transforming their balconies into productive vegetable gardens or relaxing seating areas with greater privacy.

Drip Irrigation For Balcony Gardens

One of the latest articles, called "A Comprehensive Guide to Drip Irrigation for Balcony Gardens", covers the benefits of drip irrigation, best practices for choosing system components, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting techniques, and more.

As the company explains, "Drip irrigation is a method of watering plants by delivering water directly to the base of each plant. It is a highly efficient way to irrigate balcony gardens."

Among the benefits detailed in this guide are water conservation, targeted nutrient delivery, and reduced disease incidence. Learn how to build the best drip irrigation system for your unique space!

Reflective Surfaces For Sunlight

You can also learn how to effectively use reflective surfaces to maximize sun exposure for your balcony plants, no matter where you live or what the climate is like.

As Tiny Balcony Garden explains, strategically placed mirrors can amplify sunlight and reduce the need for purchasing and relying on artificial light sources, which saves you money. Balcony gardens can also benefit from facades built or covered with reflective material like glass, metal, or ceramic, which can bounce light back to your balcony plants and provide heat to encourage growth.

Companion Planting

"Smart Solutions for Companion Planting in Limited Spaces" is the title of another guide on Tiny Balcony Garden's website. As the guide explains, companion planting is driven by a deep understanding of plant relationships and their abilities to coexist.

You can learn about balcony plants that can benefit from growing in the same container, as well as trap crops that can be used to draw pests away from other plants, eliminating the need for harmful pesticides.

Vertical gardening is also covered in this guide and you can get ideas for how best to use trellises, stacked planters, and hanging baskets to create a healthy balcony garden.

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