Best Alternative To Costco Hearing Aids: Rechargeable NANO OTC CIC Devices

May 15, 2024

Looking for a hearing aid that doesn’t cost the earth? Don’t overpay for prescription devices, try NANO’s powerful over-the-counter models and enjoy adjustable audio and noise reduction technology. They’re rechargeable too! Order yours today!

Why pay over $1500 for a hearing aid from Costco when you could be enjoying high-quality audio from an over-the-counter device for under $400?

If you suffer from perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, try NANO Hearing Aids! Adjustable audio and rechargeable too! More details at

With NANO, you can get affordable audio technology without the need for a prescription or formal hearing test from a medical expert. Its CIC range offers you a cost-effective alternative to the devices available from large retailers like Costco for more than half the price.

Recharge On The Move 

The NANO models are all rechargeable, unlike many prescription hearing aids from stores like Costco which require regular battery replacements. Coupled with the high price tags of prescription products—Costco's range, for example, starts at $1499—replacing batteries becomes a considerable expense for users.

With the CIC hearing aids giving you up to 12 hours of use on a single charge and the portable charging case capable of delivering two full charging cycles, you'll never be caught out in terms of power.

Completely in Canal Devices 

The entry-level model—the CIC2—has two audio programs for adjusting to different sonic environments and comes with a variety of ear tips and closed or air domes so you can enjoy a secure and comfortable fit. With a compact and subtle design, these hearing aids are virtually invisible—a great option if you feel self-conscious about wearing a hearing device.

The CIC4 adds a further two audio programs as well as noise reduction features which enable you to filter out background noise even in loud environments.

Easy Operation 

You can tap the devices to change the volume using a quick touch feature and can access the audio programs by pressing and holding the multi-function button.

“Nano Hearing Aids are intuitive and straightforward for every user. Turn them on with a simple push of a button, then place them in your ears and adjust the volume as needed," a spokesperson for the company said. "It might feel strange for your ears and brain when first wearing hearing aids, but this feeling typically subsides after several days.”


The products are all Class 1 FDA-registered, which means they are classified as medical devices and safe and effective for use without supervision. The CIC models come with a one-year warranty and you get a 45-day return or refund policy too.

Both CIC models ship with a user manual, cleaning tools, a USB to micro-USB charging cable and plug, and the aforementioned charging case.

For affordable hearing support, NANO is the way to go!

Order yours at

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