This Kelowna Artificial Turf Installer Offers Fake Grass Of Unmatched Quality

Apr 29, 2024

If you’re tired of having to care for your natural grass lawn, why not switch to an artificial one from the synthetic turf experts at Lazy Lawn (1-888-622-5296) in Kelowna, BC?

It used to be the case that synthetic turf was only used for sports fields. But now, thanks to companies like Lazy Lawn, you can enjoy the many benefits that synthetic turf provides all from the comfort of your own home! They offer a choice between four different synthetic turf options all made to resemble natural grass. The turfs are easy to install and don’t require any mowing, fertilizing, seeding, aerating, or watering.

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Turf For All Environments!

The four turfs in Lazy Lawn’s range have been developed for use in various settings. “Whether you’re looking to upgrade your lawn, landscaping, or pet play area, we have fake grass options that will meet your needs,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “Our turfs can also be used for commercial projects as well as large-scale recreational projects like sports fields.”

Lazy Lawn’s most popular turf is its Lemongrass variety, which has unique W-shaped blades designed to keep the grass cooler in warm temperatures. Also available are their Kentucky Blue Lite, Spring Fescue, and Natural Fescue varieties, each of which has a unique colour, thatching, face weight, and pile height.

All The Bells & Whistles!

For each installation, Lazy Lawn supplies the turf and all of the necessary support materials. This includes weed barriers (to prevent unwanted plant growth), high-performance bedding (to help with performance and drainage), and OptiFILL Infill (which gives the turf its cushion and springiness).

Never Push A Lawnmower Again!

As previously mentioned, Lazy Lawn’s synthetic turf requires no mowing, fertilizing, seeding, aerating, or watering. With that being said, they recommend that you occasionally spray it down with a hose in order to remove any surface debris and organisms burrowed into the grass. Furthermore, they suggest you do routine inspections of the turf to check for any damage. By following these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy your turf for many years to come.

Built To Last!

Lazy Lawn’s synthetic turfs are highly durable: they can withstand heavy foot traffic, play from kids and pets, UV rays, adverse weather, and temperature extremes (both hot and cold). Synthetic turf has also been shown to increase property value by as much as 10% depending on the type selected, its age, what it was used for, and how much of it was installed.

Take It From This Customer!

“We needed a big artificial grass project completed last minute so we gave Lazy Lawn a call,” said a satisfied customer. “They provided us with multiple high-quality options to choose from all of which fell well within our budget. Delivery and installation were also a breeze, with virtually no hiccups to report. We would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a company to satisfy your fake turf needs.”

How To Get?

If you are interested in having synthetic turf installed on your property you can get an instant no-obligation estimate by using the DIY quote generator on Lazy Lawn’s website.

Visit and get yours today!

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