Just-Add-Water Premium Emergency Food Supply Kits For 30-Day Survival Scenarios

May 16, 2024

Augason Farms ((800)-878-0099) is now offering nutritionally complete, flavor-packed emergency food supply kits – a fast and easy solution for your disaster preparation plans.

Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst

"Be Prepared" is the official motto of the Boy Scouts of America, and for good reason. Surviving in a harsh environment, whether that be the wilderness or a prolonged period in a storm shelter, requires careful planning, resilience, and the ability to remain calm under extreme pressure. Above all of these, though, being well supplied is the key to success in any survival scenario.

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In a post-pandemic world that seems more uncertain than ever, it is only natural to feel some pressure to prepare for a range of emergency scenarios. However, this has led to the rise of so-called "tactical" survival gear that, in reality, is nothing more than overpriced versions of ordinary consumer goods.

If you truly want to be prepared for an emergency scenario, you should be focusing on the basics first, and saving the matte-black survival knives and paracord bracelets for later. Food, water, and temperature control should be your priority!

Augason Farms Meal Kits

To that end, you should consider investing in shelf-stable meal solutions. Augason Farms offers a wide range of meal kit options designed for disaster scenarios - the best choice currently available for your emergency preparedness plan.

The company has created these kits specifically to offer an emergency food supply option that balances taste with longevity in a way that many alternatives do not. Each of the 9 available meals have been prepared to prioritize flavor and to be highly filling, while still lasting decades on the shelf without degrading.

One-&-Done Solutions

With over 300 servings of high-protein, easy-to-prepare food per kit, these products are a true "set it and forget it" disaster preparedness solution.

Each kit also includes a rationing guide intended to help you plan meals on a day-by-day basis, with 30 and 45-day plans available that can be adopted depending on the severity of the situation. The guide contains serving size information, preparation instructions, and caloric intake guidelines based on an individual’s age and activity level.

The meal kits are self-contained in watertight 8.5-gallon containers and can be neatly stacked for ease of storage. The company has recently restocked the specialty versions of the kit, with additional restocks planned for the near future - for current availability, check their website.

Get Yours Today

In the company's own words, "In times of uncertainty, having a supply of food and water you can rely on is paramount. Prepare for the unexpected with our comprehensive line of emergency food and water treatment kits. With a focus on quality, longevity, and nutritional value, our kits ensure that you and your loved ones are well-equipped."

The company currently offers shipping to all contiguous US states, with special arrangements required for customers in Alaska and Hawaii. To shop the full range of Augason Farms emergency preparedness products can call (800)-878-0099 for more information, or visit the link below to browse the selection of available meal kit options.

Shop now at https://augasonfarms.com/collections/emergency-kits-coming-soon

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