Winnipeg Artificial Grass Installations With Excavation, Weed Barriers & HPB

Apr 30, 2024

Has Winnipeg’s harsh weather left your lawn in shambles? Consider switching to a synthetic grass solution from Toronto-based artificial turf supplier Lazy Lawn (1-888-622-5296)!

A dry, patchy, discoloured lawn is a huge eyesore no matter how nice or big your house is! That's why you should switch to a fake grass lawn from Lazy Lawn! They install high-quality, maintenance-free artificial turf on residential and commercial properties. They currently offer four types of fake grass for you to choose from, all of which have been carefully developed with appearance, performance, and drainage in mind.

Learn more about their synthetic turf options by visiting or

Built For Any Weather!

Every year, Winnipeg experiences some of the harshest weather conditions in Canada, and as a result, many natural grass areas suffer severe damage. While some people attempt to repair this damage it is usually costly, and in most cases, the grass never looks the way it did before. Switching to artificial turf products like those by Lazy Lawn can prevent these recurring problems. Please visit our exclusive installer Lawn and Order for from information at

Effortless Installation!

Lazy Lawn’s installation process begins with site preparation, which includes the removal of the existing turf and the laying out of weed barriers and high-performance bedding (HPB). Next, the artificial grass is placed, trimmed to fit the area, and secured in place using special seam tapes and glues. Lastly, OptiFILL infill is added to the turf to give it its lush look and feel.

High-Quality Grass!

Of its four artificial turf options, Lazy Lawn’s dark green Spring Fescue and yellow-green Natural Fescue varieties are the most affordable. Conversely, its light emerald Lemongrass and olive Kentucky Blue Lite varieties are slightly more expensive, but they are also better equipped to deal with routine punishment from kids and pets.

Several Benefits!

Artificial turf offers several advantages over natural grass. Firstly, it's virtually maintenance-free, as it doesn't need to be mowed, watered, or fertilized. Moreover, by switching to artificial turf you'll significantly save water because fake grass doesn't require the large amounts of water typically needed to keep natural grass healthy. In some cases, artificial turf has even been shown to increase property value!

Many Applications!

The versatility and durability of Lazy Lawn’s artificial turfs allow them to be used for several purposes. For example, they offer an even, consistent playing surface for:

  • soccer fields
  • baseball diamonds
  • putting greens
  • tennis courts.
  • playgrounds

Artificial turf from Lazy Lawn can keep your home looking great all year round. Get great-looking child-friendly turf starting at $4.29 per square foot! Go to to get a free estimate today!

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