Unleash Precision Research: CellScale’s UniVert 10kN Available NOW!

May 21, 2024

Cellscale Biomaterials Testing announced the availability of their new Precision Mechanical Testing technology offering researchers unparalleled insights into a vast array of materials and applications

Customers looking for the latest Precision Mechanical Testing technology offering researchers unparalleled insights into a vast array of materials and applications. will soon be able to purchase UniVert 10kN by Cellscale Biomaterials Testing. Today Caleb Horst, President at Cellscale Biomaterials Testing releases details of UniVert 10kN's development.

UniVert 10kN is designed to appeal specifically to Research Assistants, Scientific Researchers, Scientific Community, Research Community and includes:

Enhanced Force Capability - This feature was included because The UniVert 10kN boasts an impressive force capability of up to 10kN, making it ideal for rigorous testing requirements across various research areas. This feature was included to cater to the growing demand for higher force capacities in mechanical testing, particularly in fields such as orthopedics, tissue engineering, and biomaterials. By providing researchers with the ability to exert greater forces on their specimens, the UniVert 10kN ensures comprehensive and accurate mechanical property insights, leading to more robust research outcomes.. This is great news for the consumer as Researchers can now conduct experiments on a wider range of materials, from delicate biological tissues to robust engineering constructs, with confidence and precision. This enhanced force capability empowers consumers to push the boundaries of their research, unlocking new possibilities for innovation and discovery..

Compatibility with Advanced Imaging and Testing Axes - This was made part of the product, since The UniVert 10kN is designed for seamless integration with fluid baths, advanced imaging systems, and additional testing axes, such as shear, torsion, or pressure. This comprehensive compatibility was included to offer researchers unparalleled flexibility in experimental setups, allowing them to tailor their testing environments to specific research requirements. By incorporating advanced imaging capabilities and optional secondary axes, the UniVert 10kN enables researchers to obtain a deeper understanding of material behavior and performance under diverse conditions.. Customers who buy UniVert 10kN should enjoy this feature because With compatibility across a range of imaging and testing modalities, researchers can leverage existing equipment and methodologies, streamlining their experimental workflows and maximizing efficiency. This versatility ensures that consumers can adapt their testing setups to evolving research needs, ultimately accelerating the pace of discovery and innovation..

Non-Contact DIC Software for Accurate Strain Control - Cellscale Biomaterials Testing made sure to make this part of the Precision Mechanical Testing technology offering researchers unparalleled insights into a vast array of materials and applications.'s development as The UniVert 10kN utilizes non-contact Digital Image Correlation (DIC) software for precise strain control and real-time image analysis. This innovative feature was included to enhance the accuracy and reliability of mechanical testing, particularly in applications where precise strain measurement is critical, such as tissue biomechanics and materials characterization. By employing advanced DIC technology, the UniVert 10kN enables researchers to achieve precise strain profiles and detailed specimen characterization, facilitating comprehensive modeling and analysis of material behavior.. Customers will likely appreciate this because With non-contact DIC software, researchers can achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy and repeatability in their experiments, ensuring reliable and reproducible results. This feature empowers consumers to conduct complex mechanical tests with confidence, enabling deeper insights into material properties and behavior for a wide range of applications..

Caleb Horst, when asked about UniVert 10kN said:

"The UniVert 10kN is the culmination of 20 years of equipment and software development. It so easy to use and it is built for long-term reliability. We have carefully designed optional subsystems to enhance the functionality of the system far beyond traditional uniaxial testing. This system embodies our commitment to excellence in mechanical testing."

This is Cellscale Biomaterials Testing's 10kN is a single base product release of a new product and Caleb Horst is particularly excited about this release because The 10kN is a single base product that performs uniaxial (tension/compression) testing. There are additional axes that support dynamic, torsion, shear, and inflation testing. There is an optional imaging system to allow for non-contact strain measurements during the test. There are optional temperature-controlled liquid baths for maintaining specimen environmental conditions during the test. This machine is really a robust solution, so it should appeal to users who have immediate needs now, but may also need to upgrade/enhance their functionality later.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at https://www.cellscale.com/

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: https://www.cellscale.com/products/univert/

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