Christian Author Discusses Faith-Based Justice & God’s Order In Mystery Novels!

May 21, 2024

If you’re a Christian and you love mystery novels that are clean and faith-centered, you’ll enjoy the book guide from author Betty Johansen, at Eagerly Waiting.

Fed up with the pornographic content and curse words you so often find in mainstream mystery novels? Author Betty Johansen is fed up too - which is why she has compiled a handy guide to help you get access to wholesome Christian whodunnits.

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Betty's guide to Christian mystery novels    •available on her Eagerly Waiting website - lists whodunnit fiction titles that are free from gore, explicit scenes, and foul language while embracing a sense of God’s justice and order.

Uplift Your Spirit

While many mainstream secular mysteries contain elements of sex, violence, and profanity that go outside the boundaries of your belief system, Betty explores faith-based alternatives that uplift your spirit.

According to a recent report from the Guardian, whodunnit mysteries and crime novels are a perennially popular genre, with over 18.1 million books sold in a single year. Recognizing the fact that discerning Christian readers want to find fiction that resonates with their core values, Betty Johansen discusses faith-based reading choices.

“Some of the mysteries written these days are so packed with gore and foul language that I don’t even want to read them, much less pay for them,” says Betty. “I love the cozy mystery genre, but what I really like to read is a good, solid Christian mystery.”

Feed Your Heart

Betty’s first response was to write some of her own, including the recently published "Lilli’s Song" - which focuses on a mysterious UFO sighting in a small Texas town - and "Hawaiian Wildflower," also set in Texas. The latter story centers around the complexities of a Christian marriage and the nature of real love.

The author’s debut title, “Darkness Under His Feet,” which can be accessed through her website, focuses on an accusation of murder against the editor of a local paper, exploring themes of problems within the charismatic belief system, drawing on the Betty's own experience over several decades.

Within the guide, Betty also recommends other Christian mysteries, including works by Tamar Myers, Terri Blackstock, and Vanetta Chapman. You'll also learn some of the core elements that define a Christian whodunnit title, such as fun, respectability, a satisfying sense of justice, and a recognition of God’s order that feeds your heart and mind.

Who Is Betty Johansen?

Betty is a West Texas resident, science teacher, published author, and a committed believer in Christ. The name of her website, “Eagerly Waiting,” is drawn from Hebrews 9:28, and reflects the growing excitement among many Christians who believe that the rapture may be coming soon.

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