Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lamps Provide Natural Light For Food Crops & Plants

Apr 29, 2024

Indoor agriculture requires indoor lighting solutions, and Superior LED Technologies can give you, well, superior ones! Check out their selection of energy-efficient LED grow lights today!

Keeping plants producing for your business year-round can be tough, especially since natural light is pretty hard to come by indoors. You can’t bring the sun into your agricultural facilities, but you can give your plants something just as good: full-spectrum LED grow lights! And when it comes to the best grow lights on the market, Superior LED Technologies has them! True to their name, their expert lighting engineers can supply you with the highest-performing, most energy-efficient lights for indoor agriculture. You’ll never want to use another brand of grow lights again!

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The Science Behind Grow Lights

Grow lights work by synthesizing the photons that plants require for photosynthesis. Because indoor settings often lack adequate light to support growth for commercial food and ornamental crop production, the technology is commonly used to supplement the lighting needs of plants. In particular, LED grow lights have been gaining popularity because of their low energy usage; one survey conducted by Readex Research showed that 72% of commercial crop cultivators considered energy efficiency as the most important factor when making lighting purchases. 

Acknowledging the need for businesses to reduce operational costs, Superior LED Technologies has developed full-spectrum grow lights that decrease energy usage by up to 75%. The products provide plants with photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) that is rich in blue light, which is ideal for stimulating vegetative growth. 

Additionally, the lights are powerful enough to penetrate canopies and are capable of supplying PAR to all plants in multi-tier or vertical growing arrangements. You won’t have to worry about dismantling your space-saving setups to get these babies installed!

Superior Technology

Because they are built with cryo-therm cooling technology, Superior LED Technologies’ lights generate less heat than other types of grow lamps. That’s one of the reasons they save you so much energy. They won’t burn your plants either, unlike HPS lights. 

Cryo-therm technology also allows for slimmer lamp designs, which promote good ventilation and hamper the formation of microclimates. If you know anything about growing plants indoors, you’ll know that poor ventilation is a recipe for fungal disasters - and definitely not the type that you can just throw into a mushroom chowder soup!

Anyway, you can take advantage of this to position the bulbs closer to leaf surfaces to increase the amount of PAR that plants receive. The plants will really like that; they’ll reward you with a lot of growth. In fact, when used correctly, Superior LED Technologies’ products are capable of increasing crop yield by up to 50%. 

The Most Reliable Lights on the Market

And that’s not even the last of it. Superior LED Technologies’ grow lights have a runtime of at least 62,000 hours. This makes them one of the longest-lasting products in the industry, if not THE longest-lasting ones! They’re nothing like those grow lights of dubious origins that you find online. You know, the ones that die within a few months. Superior LED Technologies’ lights are the real deal.

Just take it from this satisfied customer, who said, “I was looking for a lighting company with good customer service when I found Superior LED Technologies. Thanks to their guidance, I was able to easily transition from HPS to LED. Their customer service is so good. Now my entire shop is filled with different models of Superior's LEDs.”

If you have lighting problems, Superior LED Technologies has lighting solutions. Don’t be afraid of getting in touch; no matter what kind of setup you have, they’ll be able to come up with something just right for you.

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