Touchless Remote Car Key Replacement For New 2022 & 2023 Vehicles In Austin, TX

Nov 22, 2023

Is your newfangled remote key fob not working, even though you just bought it? Pop-A-Lock of Austin (512-447-8222) can help with their 24/7 on-site replacement and reprogramming service.

Keyless? Helpless?

Touchless technology is a marvel of the modern age! That is, until you are stuck in a parking lot with a useless bangle and a car that won't start. Many modern cars are forgoing the bladed key and hardware lock for something more modern, which can help some of the time, and be a major pain other times.

At least in the old days, if your remote key fob stopped working, you could just use the key to unlock the door the old-fashioned way. Now, you don't have that option, at least in some models made in the last couple of years.

So, what are you to do if you're stranded in some parking lot somewhere, locked out of your supposedly smart car?

The answer couldn't be simpler: Call Pop-A-Lock at 512-447-8222!

I know what you're thinking: A locksmith for a remote lock? How is that possible?

With the company's mobile workshops, their technicians are able to perform all sorts of services that once could only be performed at a physical location. This includes reprogramming your remote key, and so much more!

If you need assistance now, visit to request a service.

Mobile Service, Rock Solid Performance

This service is available as part of Pop-A-Lock’s mobile roadside assistance program. The company provides a combination of locksmithing and maintenance services to the people of Austin and the surrounding area. Call Pop-A-Lock if the key stops responding in order to receive a prompt replacement.

The company stocks remote and bladeless key models for all major vehicle brands, carrying keys up to and including the current model year of releases. Their fleet of mobile technicians can be dispatched to any location in their service range 24/7 to provide this service.

Reliable Roadside Assistance

This team is also capable of performing roadside maintenance and repair tasks, able to change flat tires, deliver gas, and provide jump starts.

These services are all included in their roadside assistance package, and they will provide a quote before service is rendered, pledging never to exceed the quoted amount by adding surprise fees.

Austin's Choice For Over 30 Years

This service was created to help drivers in Austin, especially those on the I-35, get the help they need when they need it. The I-35 highway is one of the most congested in the nation, leading to an above-average frequency of breakdowns, flat tires, and overheated engines. Given that Pop-A-Lock has been trusted by Austin residents to carry out locksmithing services for over 30 years, this expansion is a natural choice for their company.

One reviewer stated, “What a great company. Locked my keys in my car and a technician was there within 20 minutes to rescue the day. He was awesome. The cost was minimal compared to other companies I had called. They quoted me a price over the phone while others said they couldn’t quote a price until they got to the car.”

Remember, always practice diligence when hiring a locksmith! Pop-A-Lock is the best in the business, and that simple fact has led to many imitations. When in doubt, look for the orange and black logo - there is only one legitimate Pop-A-Lock!

In the event of an emergency lockout situation, Pop-A-Lock can provide their services free of charge through their PALSavesKids program. Technicians will always arrive in official uniforms and branded vehicles. You can call for immediate assistance at 512-447-8222.

To read more or schedule an appointment, visit

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