Boost Customer Loyalty, Retention With Beauty & Wellness Brand CRM Software

May 15, 2024

Want to grow your beauty brand and reach more customers? VITAZA Digital is here to help – and its BOOST CRM is the ideal platform to capture, manage, and convert leads!

Finding the right CRM is huge if you're a beauty or wellness business wanting to take your brand up a gear. The BOOST platform from VITAZA Digital is ideal, catering to all your content marketing needs, appointment booking, and more – so you can build trust with your audience and grow your business!

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Content marketing made easy

Social media posts for all major channels can be scheduled within the system, simplifying content marketing and allowing you to take a more strategic approach to your brand growth and audience engagement. Leads can then be captured and managed more easily and segmented within the CRM so you can automate communication to build trust and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Effective communication is key in cultivating lasting relationships with customers, the team explains. Their research reveals that just 2% of customers purchase on their first contact, rising slightly to 5% converting on the third interaction with the business. However, after the fifth to twelfth contact, 80% of customers are likely to make a purchase.

Automate your communication

With BOOST, you can set up SMS or email nurture campaigns - each with different paths based on the level of interaction and engagement shown. For example, if one customer clicks a link in a message and another doesn't, they can be taken on bespoke sequences.

BOOST also offers appointment management options, so you can schedule calendar events and use reminders for pre-sale consultations, post-sale follow-ups, and service appointments - helping minimize no-shows.

A package for every business

VITAZA Digital offers three packages to accommodate small businesses. The Engagement Essentials package is ideal for a single user with up to 1,000 contacts, while the Business Toolkit plan supports three users and up to 10,000 contacts. For larger enterprises, the Business Accelerator package accommodates up to 10 users and 100,000 contacts.

One recent customer said: "My experience working with Christina and her team has been great. They are very helpful and informative and the team has provided exceptional support through my time working with VITAZA."

With BOOST, you have everything you need to supercharge your brand growth!

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