Manalapan Sensory Rooms For Kids With SPD Have Linear & Rotational Swings

Jul 27, 2023

If you’re looking for the best sensory gym bursting with fun equipment and activities to support your kid’s developmental growth, visit TOTville (732-860-8100) in Manalapan Township, New Jersey!

Swing back and forth, or round and round, jump, bounce, climb, or even zipline!

Designed by occupational therapists, this sensory gym is kitted out with everything your kids need for safe and fun structured play that enhances their behavioral, social, and motor skills!

Open to all children, TOTville has activity programs that help them to develop their body awareness, and communication skills, extend their attention span, and more!

For children with SPD, the sensory gym provides a space to regulate responses to different stimuli, easing stress and raising tolerance to new sensations.

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TOTville’s facilities are designed to provide proprioceptive and vestibular input in a secure and supportive environment. Its wide variety of equipment encourages stimulation on different motion planes to meet each child's therapeutic needs and goals.

SPD, formerly known as sensory integration dysfunction (SID), affects the way the brain processes information from the senses. Children with SPD may be underactive or overreactive to sensory input depending on how they are affected. SPD can exist on its own or with other conditions such as ASD or ADHD. An AJOT study showed that sensory integration interventions in children with ASD and sensory processing differences resulted in significant progress toward individualized goals and a decrease in autistic mannerisms.

In TOTville’s sensory rooms, your child can use a wide variety of linear and rotational swings with net and lycra seats together with pogos and platform swings that target different vestibular receptors. They can also access multiple colorful climbing walls, zip lines, a trapeze with crash pads, and vertical and horizontal ladders in the jungle-themed gym.

During the gym’s programs for children with SPD, the therapists will guide your kid through activities that challenge them to develop organized responses to sensory input. “Our activities are specifically tailored for your child and will help meet and exceed their developmental needs,” said a TOTville spokesperson.

TOTville was founded by Yevgeniya Peskova - an occupational therapist, international board-certified lactation consultant, and orofacial myofunctional therapist. Alongside gym activities, the center provides a wide range of services to support parents and their children including aqua therapy and feeding and sleep support.

“Recommended by a close friend, today was our son’s first day at Totville, and he had a blast,” said a satisfied client. “He is on the spectrum, and we are always looking for constructive ways to tackle his behavior and sensory needs. Stephanie was fabulous; fun but structured and didn’t miss a beat when our son needed to be redirected. I loved that they were big on manners and accountability too. I’m hoping to make this part of our weekly routine.”

For the best sensory gym to help your kids reach their full potential, call TOTville today at 732-860-8100!

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