Easy Dentist Marketing Strategies 2024: Content Creation & Publishing, Edmonton

Apr 27, 2024

Marketing is like flossing – no one really wants to do it, even though it’s important. Why not try a marketing technique your customers will love instead, using content creation instead of traditional ads? They’ll thank you for it, and so will your budget.

Have you ever been trapped watching an ad or TV commercial, and sworn vengeance on the company making you watch it?

It's more common than you might think, and that's why Ibex Media doesn't believe in captive audience marketing. Instead, they use a strategy that makes your customers want to read, listen to, or watch your marketing. You can learn more about how it works, or schedule a free consultation at https://ibexmedia.clientcabin.com

Doing Things Differently - With Benefits.

I know, it's a wild, unheard-of strategy - but what if we didn't force people to watch ads about your business?

Ads are always interrupting their favourite TV show, or slowing down their browsing, and people hate that - so why do it?

Why would we want them to associate that anger, that frustration, with your business?

We don't - and that's why this new technique is so much better. Instead of forcing information on people when they probably don't need it, this technique is designed to tell people what they need to know, when they need to know it, because they're looking for the information.

Constructing With Content.

This new marketing option from Ibex Media, optimized specifically for dental professionals, helps to place interesting and relevant marketing content in front of potential customers already interested in making a purchase.

It doesn't try to convince them while they're watching football that they really need to get checked for cavities. That's silly. The conversion rate is so low, and the cost is so high - especially if you include "annoying potential customers" as part of the cost.

Instead, it meets customers where they're at - and gives them what they're asking for.

Let me explain. To start with, we need to understand when people actually want this information, and what they do to get it.

Research & Results.

New research from HubSpot’s State of Marketing report suggests that 80% of Gen Z regularly use mobile searches to find new services, with the number growing each year, for each generation.

That's just common sense, too. When someone has a problem, such as a sore or loose tooth, what do they do? They ask a search engine about it.

The trick here is simple, we want to make sure that your content shows up first in the results - but without a "Sponsored Ad" banner. Research shows that people have caught on to that trick, and they want the best, most relevant results - not the ones from whoever paid to get listed first, and now has an ad banner next to their links.

Now obviously, with ever more content being added to search engines, it can be difficult for dental professionals to get noticed online. Ibex Media uses a unique approach that helps you to slowly improve your ranking in the search engine, for your business overall, and for each new piece of content.

Here's How It Works.

Ibex Media will create interesting and relevant content about your brand, that potential customers will want to read, listen to, or view. Unlike traditional advertising, this content does not expire, requires no additional payments, and will stay online as long as the supporting websites exist, helping to direct more potential customers to your websites.

The key here, is that when your potential customers are searching for information about services you offer - there it is, in every format, with links back to your website.

You will not be asked to write your own articles or record your own multimedia, though you will be encouraged to provide any interesting or relevant information, graphics, or websites. Ibex Media’s team of writers, editors, and marketing specialists will use this data to craft compelling blogs, podcasts, streaming videos, and other content, all about your brand and services.

The Long View - It Gets Better With Time.

As each piece of content is created, you will be able to view or edit it before it is placed live, online, on a range of popular websites. You are also encouraged, but not required, to submit ideas for potential topics, products or services to focus on, or locations to target.

Here's the neat thing though - unlike ads, this technique is cumulative.

Sure, it can be used for individual campaigns, but research suggests the most effective results come from long-term use, which can help smaller brands to rank highly for even the most competitive keywords or phrases. You can also request a Snapshot report, which will provide details about how you rank against your competition before, throughout, and at the end of your marketing campaigns.

At Ibex Media, they do things differently.

It's better for your brand, better for your customers, and provides long-term benefits that don't expire with your advertising subscription.

If you would like to try something new, or just to learn more about how it works - then just schedule a free consultation at https://ibexmedia.clientcabin.com

Because sometimes, knowing your options is half the battle.

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