High-Visibility News Content For Ontario Dentists: DFY Multimedia Publishing

Mar 5, 2024

If you run a dental practice in Ontario or any other part of Canada or the US, Ibex Media can feature your clinic on some of the most respected news sites, such as Business Insider and Associate Press.

Online Visibility & Reputation

Right at this moment, it’s likely that someone is searching for “dentist near me.” Will they find you or a competitor? The multimedia content campaigns from Ibex Media not only put your practice front and center, they tell people that it is trusted and reliable.

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A team of professional writers creates your campaign, which includes news articles, videos, podcasts, and several other formats. It’s then distributed and published on 400+ high-authority media sites, including top outlets like Business Insider and Associated Press.

With the rise of digital consumerism, online visibility and reputation management are critical factors in attracting new patients. Ibex Media’s done-for-you content service is designed to address both outcomes in one affordable, end-to-end package.

Get Seen Where People Are Looking

The annual Consumer Review Survey from BrightLocal found that 87% of people use Google searches to find local businesses, while 98% say they read online reviews before making a decision. The report also states that several sectors are more likely to be researched, including healthcare, automotive services, and tradespeople.

As Ibex Media points out, such statistics highlight the importance of online visibility for dental clinics, but the firm also states that most practices lack the time and/or resources to build their digital footprint. The new multimedia content campaigns offer a DFY solution, with high-quality materials being published on hundreds of trusted outlets.

“We develop hyper-targeted content and publish it on some of the most well-known and trusted websites in the world, which gives an almost overnight boost in visibility for small local dental clinics,” a company representative explained. “Our team consists of professional writers, developers, and advertising experts, so we not only build visibility, but we position each client as a provider that audiences can trust.”

About Ibex Media

Recognizing the power of high-authority digital content, Ibex Media built relationships with a range of well-known platforms in order to create its unique content marketing solution. The firm continues to foster new partnerships, with further updates expected in the coming months.

“These media campaigns have catapulted our business to new heights,” one therapist recently stated. “We’ve had to hire two new therapists to meet the growing demand, and we’ve gone from one bed at half capacity to three beds at near full capacity. As a result, we’ve more than doubled our annual revenue, which is an unbelievable return-on-investment.”

For online content marketing that delivers unrivalled visibility, contact the team of specialists at Ibex Media.

Check out http://ibexmedia.ca so you can learn more.

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