LinkDaddy Partners With Ahrefs To Improve Backlink Profiles For Small Businesses

May 20, 2024

When you work with LinkDaddy, you’re not just getting world-class backlink expertise, you’re also getting Ahref’s advanced toolset for domain rating which means you can easily assess the strength of your link page choices. Talk to the team today!

Need backlinks to bolster your search engine ranking? Looking for ways to boost your organic web traffic?

LinkDaddy now partners with multinational SEO data startup Ahrefs to bring you new and improved backlink services! Find out more at

You could be enjoying higher search engine rankings thanks to Ahrefs' toolset and web crawling solutions. LinkDaddy harnesses Ahrefs' large backlink database (second only to Google) – an index that is updated every 15 minutes – to build more domain and page credibility for your domains.

Domain Rating

Using Ahrefs' proprietary Domain Rating metric, LinkDaddy can monitor the decline and growth of your backlink profiles and swiftly assess the backlink strength of a target site. These insights allow the company to provide estimates of traffic increases based on the popularity of the linking web page. The Ahrefs model also means that LinkDaddy can easily source the most link-worthy pages based on the choices of your competitors. Learn more at

Backlinks: Why Are They Important?

According to MonsterInsights, SEO experts view high-quality content, backlinks, and search intent and relevance as the most crucial in achieving a high ranking. Studies suggest that the top-ranked search results commonly have 3.8 times the number of backlinks than lower-ranked results.

Analytics & Reporting

LinkDaddy takes your current backlink profile and performs a detailed analysis to identify potential areas for improvement. This is followed by the creation of unique content as the basis for a ranking campaign before implementing high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in the relevant niche. Performance is monitored on an ongoing basis and you get detailed reports to keep you abreast of progress.

“LinkDaddy continues to be an incredibly valuable link-building resource for my clients,” says a LinkDaddy client. “Services are delivered quickly and contribute to the success of the website's authority, SERP movement, and daily impression rate. Highly recommended.”

Powered by Ashrefs' advanced toolset, LinkDaddy provides you with DoFollow SEO backlinks, domain power boosting, cloud authority backlinks, and click-through-rate manipulation as well as Google Authority Stacks and local citations and business listings.

Quality Over Quantity

The company reports that most clients begin to see improvements in their SEO rankings within 3 to 6 weeks. LinkDaddy prioritizes quality over quantity in sourcing backlinks using white-hat SEO practices. Using the Ahrefs platform, the company can also analyze backlink anchor text to identify possible negative SEO attacks on your website, making you aware of any underhand competitor tactics.

No one does backlinks like LinkDaddy. Get in touch to find out how your business could benefit!

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