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May 20, 2024

No one knows better how to run a successful restaurant than Avery Restaurant Consulting (617-970-8566). If you need a wise hand to guide you with the operational and management side of your business, reach out today!

Is your restaurant struggling? Do you need help to overhaul your operations and streamline your management?

Reach out to Reading, MA-based Avery Restaurant Consulting, now offering expertise for the food service industry in Burlington, MA. More details at

Trusted By Restaurateurs

Avery Restaurant Consulting can provide guidance on all areas of operations, from back office organization to delivering effective training to your staff members. Its growing clientele now includes restaurants across Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Tough Time For Restaurants

Estimates from the National Restaurant Association suggest that as few as 20% of US restaurants become a sustainable success, with around 60% failing within a year and 80% folding within five years. These sobering statistics highlight the challenges facing owners nationwide, making expert consulting a potential lifeline for businesses that might otherwise fail.

Optimize Your Workflow

From cost controls and kitchen setup to optimized inventory management, the Avery team is committed to shaping profitable restaurants from the ground up. The company helps you optimize your business workflows and manage budgets more effectively. Avery offers expertise in commercial food service with a deep knowledge of what it takes to succeed in a competitive industry.

A spokesperson says, “Your success will be achieved through a mix of cost analysis, budgeting, forecasting, marketing, and staff development. We teach you how to manage your numbers, develop your staff, and create a corporate culture.”

Staff Training

The company also provides hands-on staff training, helping your dining room teams with product knowledge and selling techniques. Avery covers every aspect of running a successful front-of-house operation, from a welcoming smile at the entrance to dinnerware placement.

Making The Perfect Menu

In addition, the operations and management consulting team helps you with kitchen setup, offering expertise in everything from menu selection to sourcing ingredients and giving your chefs the tools they need to deliver high-quality cuisine under pressure.

Avery's other services include concept development, opening, training and retention, and menu design—including beverage selection, wine pairing, and craft beer options—as well as marketing support.

Thrive With Avery

Don't just survive—learn how to thrive in the restaurant business with Avery!

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