Top Maryland Nursing Case Management Service Assists With Self-Directed IDD Care

May 10, 2024

If you live in Maryland, have a developmental disability, and direct your own care under the DDA, Community Health and Education Services, LLC, can assist you with its nursing support services. Get in touch today at 240-755-5591.

Whether you're living with autism, cerebral palsy, or spina bifida, you have the right to self-determination and to make choices for yourself and your care. CHES gives you an opportunity to exert some control over your life with its nursing case management and delegation program. This program is a holistic nursing support service that allows you to direct the staff who assist with your healthcare, meds, and other treatments.

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Nursing Support Service Provider In Maryland

CHES is a homecare service provider that caters to children and adults with developmental disabilities, offering Community First Choice and personal and nursing support services. With its affordable services and the experienced healthcare specialists on its team, CHES strives to keep you safe and comfortable in your home community.

If you sign up for CHES’s nursing support service, you will receive a DDA-approved registered nurse who oversees the execution of your care plan, addresses your physical, mental, and social needs, communicates with doctors on your behalf, helps you find community healthcare resources, and more.

According to a 2020 study in the National Library of Medicine, implementing a nurse-led case management program with a multidisciplinary approach led to significant decreases in readmissions, emergency department visits, hospitalization days, and health care costs.

Develop Your Healthcare Plan With A CHES Specialist

For its nurse-led case management program, CHES gives you a comprehensive nursing assessment, a self-directed assessment, and an HRST rating or review. Your nurse will develop an extensive care plan according to your directions, then delegate, train, and supervise your homecare staff on how to execute the plan correctly.

To be eligible for CHES’s nursing case management and delegation service, you must either use paid staff to administer medication and other healthcare treatments or have family members as paid staff that handle your care during work hours. 

If you participate in the nursing support service, you will gain a licensed, knowledgeable healthcare professional who advocates for your needs and keeps you up to date on all medications and treatment processes.

“Community Health and Education Services, LLC, is here for you when you or a loved one needs professional and community support services. We take seriously the plan of care our patients require to achieve their daily living goals,” said a spokesperson for the healthcare provider.

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