Maryland Developmental Disability Self-Direction: Certified Nursing Support

May 10, 2024

If you have chosen to self-direct under the DDA, you may still need nursing support to ensure that your healthcare plan is suitable. Maryland-based Community Health and Education Services (240-755-5591) provides certified registered nurses.

Certified Nursing Support

Self-direct nursing support comes in two different forms: nursing consultation and nursing case management. Both types require nurses to pass DDA-approved training, and CHES offers certified staff under this program.

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The agency works in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, and you can always contact them to see if services are available in your area. They have decades of experience with a range of developmental disabilities, including cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and autism.

The self-direct model was introduced to give you greater control over important decisions in your life, such as who provides support services and how funds are allocated. The nursing support services from CHES ensure that your healthcare plan is suitable and your needs are being properly met.

“If you have an HRST level of 3 or more, you will need to recruit, interview, and hire a nurse to provide either nursing consultation or nursing case management and delegation,” a company representative explained. “Which one you require depends on several factors, and we now provide a breakdown on our website. Alternatively, we’re always available to discuss with you in-person.”

Which Nursing Support Service Is Right?

CHES details the circumstances under which nursing consultation services are more appropriate, such as if you manage your own healthcare and medications, you direct paid staff but still take responsibility, or you rely on unpaid caregivers to provide support.

In the event that paid staff will be administering your medications and treatments, including paid family members, CHES states that nursing case management and delegation will be required.

About Community Health and Education Services

Licensed as a Residential Service Agency by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, CHES is a well-established agency operating in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. The firm’s directors each have several decades’ experience in a clinical setting, and oversee a team of support managers who ensure that clients are receiving the appropriate level of care. 

“Our mission is to provide affordable, unmatched care services to the vulnerable, so they can remain safe and comfortable in their homes and their communities,” the agency continues. “We employ caring, competent, and top-notch professionals to care for our clients, and all of our staff meet and exceed the State of Maryland’s educational and training requirements.”

If you self-direct, contact Community Health and Education Services to discuss certified nursing support.

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