New Novel About Toxic Work Culture: Animal-Themed Office Drama Mystery Story

Apr 27, 2024

Author H.C. Yip has transformed his negative experiences in the workplace into a unique tale of turmoil and terror in “Animal Spirits: Office Politics”, his debut fiction novel.

Life In A Boring Dystopia

Corporate culture has become a kind of shorthand for the drudgery that pervades our everyday lives. Many great shows and films have riffed on the idea of shattering the fragile social landscape that most office settings maintain - Severance, Office Space, and Succession spring to mind. Even The Office, perhaps the most quintessential and aptly named piece of media in the genre, takes frequent jabs at the blowhards and buffoons who populate the Dunder Mifflin sales floor. But, what about when things go wrong? I mean, really wrong? What about when the so-called "cutthroat" office culture stops being figurative, and becomes something far more dangerous?

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This is the question that H.C. Yip asked when penning his debut novel, "Animal Spirits: Office Politics". Unlike the wealth of media that came before, Yip's novel looks unflinchingly and uncompromisingly at the dark side of office politics - to extremely dramatic ends.

Come along as he takes us on a wild ride through a dark and twisted version of the corporate world - one where murder is on the table, intrigue and debauchery are around every corner, and anything could happen next!

A Tale Of Terror

In the novel, a grisly murder plot unfolds as the main antagonist of the story - Wolf, an evil banking executive - seeks to harvest the riches of the company for his own personal gain. He is helped along the way by a cast of other self-serving villains, all of whom collude to climb the corporate ladder at the expense of their coworkers’ lives.

Will Monkey, the virtuous, low-level office worker, be able to stop the company-wide plot from unfolding, or will he be forced to bear witness as the office is torn apart by the forces of evil? I think the answer will surprise you!

The Moral Of The Story

As the author explains, the central conflict in the novel is one that will likely resonate with you if you have ever worked in an office environment. The story offers a personified version of the barriers that employees often face when seeking to improve their means - namely, favoritism, elitism, and a general disregard for ethics.

This story was inspired by events that took place over the course of the author’s banking career. After losing his job during the pandemic, H.C. Yip penned this story to lay out the problems he observed during his time in the industry and to provide unique insights into the moral failings behind this perceived erosion of decency in the workplace.

Get Your Copy Today

"Animal Spirits: Office Politics can be found on the author's website and on Amazon. Pick up your copy today; you'll be amazed at the twists and turns that H.C. Yip has in store!

In the author’s own words, he explains, “Through my writing, I aim to help myself and others who have been negatively affected by the pandemic and its aftermath to get back on their feet and reclaim their rightful livelihood. So, come along for the ride, and let's tackle life's challenges one step at a time with a smile on our faces and determination in our hearts.”

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