2024 Best Read About Toxic Workplace Culture & Hierarchy With Animal Characters

Mar 8, 2024

If you’re interested in the potentially toxic elements of workplace culture, H C Yip’s new book, Animal Spirits: Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard, where employees are represented by animals fighting for status within the professional hierarchy, is the perfect read for you!

All workplaces have drama, but one that's run by suit-wearing animals trying to solve a murder mystery while fighting an office war of good and evil? That's some drama I want to read about. H C Yip's newest book, Animal Spirits: Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard, tackles the complicated elements of toxic workplace culture with a burning mystery at its core.

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Animal Spirits & Villains

The story that the book Animal Spirits: Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard centers around is the murder of a meek and righteous character called Monkey. It dives into the machiavellian dealings of a host of malevolent suspects, including Crocodile, Wolf, and Eagle, all of whom are bent in pursuit of the same goals: wealth, power, and self-aggrandizement.

A highly prized resource that had long been safely guarded by Monkey is what drives the scheming and plotting of Animal Spirits' characters. When Monkey and his meek friends are found poisoned, every animal in the office is a suspect. But when Monkey’s ghost returns to haunt the true murderer, the guilty are forced to pay for their evil deeds, teaching the moral that, though one may temporarily prosper by deceitful actions, there are ultimately terrible consequences.

Looking At Human Nature Through Animal Eyes

With this unique book, H C Yip explores the complex power structures that exist within many work environments. It seeks to shed light on the consequences of participating in gossip, cliques, and office infighting. Yip hopes this book can be used as a teaching tool for those in management positions. You can also use it as a guide to help you navigate the tricky, often overwhelming, and sometimes painfully toxic environment at work.

Animal Spirits: Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard offers insights into the darker side of human nature, and attempts to find moral clarity within the world of office politics. Self-centeredness, as explored in the book, is prevalent in workplace culture. Yip's words aim to reveal that corruption, greed, and ruthless competitiveness can destroy the integrity of even the strongest business, resulting in a kind of moral decay.

About H C Yip

Author and motivational speaker H C Yip left his successful financial career during the COVID-19 pandemic. After facing many personal challenges, including the loss of his beloved pet and the death of his mother, Yip started helping others find strength by sharing his stories of resilience and perseverance. Other books by H C Yip include, “Near Death Experience: Imagination or Reality”, and “5 Steps To Getting Your Business Financed: The Definitive Way That Gets Big Corporations Bank Financed”.

You can purchase your copy of Animal Spirits: Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard in paperback, or for your Kindle, by visiting https://www.amazon.com/dp/9811866481

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