New Jersey Sensory Gym Has Colorful Climbing Walls For Children With SID & SPD

Aug 31, 2023

If you’re looking for a safe and secure place where your child can develop and have fun at the same time, try the sensory gym at TOTville (732-860-8100) in Manalapan, NJ.

Even if your child has a sensory disorder, they should still be allowed to reach their highest potential, and they can do that by using the sensory gym at TOTville!

The Manalapan, NJ facility provides your child with a judgment-free zone where they can develop their cognitive, motor, behavioral, and social skills. The gym is equipped with many different tools and apparatus, all intended to help with their growth.

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According to the National Library of Medicine, roughly 1 in 6 American children have a sensory disorder of some kind. While a lot of children grow out of these disorders, many of them require interventional therapy. With its sensory gym, TOTville is offering your child a safe and secure environment where the things they learn in therapy can be amplified and reinforced.

TOTville’s sensory gym is essentially a structured setting where your child can engage in both free play and guided activities. The majority of the children who visit the sensory gym have been diagnosed with sensory integration dysfunction or sensory processing disorder, two conditions that affect their ability to process sensory information. Through the use of the gym’s amenities, your child will get the chance to have fun while working on their sensory responses.

  • As far as the gym’s amenities, it has a range of equipment designed to provide proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input. For example, its colourful climbing walls and vertical and horizontal ladders allow your child to work on their body’s responses to sensory input. Similarly, its linear and rotational swings, zip lines, crash pads, and trapezes, encourage movement of their head and directional awareness.
  • By using the sensory gym, your child can develop the proper sensory responses to stimuli, and thereby increase their chances of physical and social success. The gym also promotes independence, relaxation, and curiosity.
  • "From the impeccably clean location to the sweet and welcoming staff, our visit to TOTville was really great," said a satisfied client. “Their knowledgeable team was very professional when assisting my child, and their sensory gym has everything a kid could want to play with, and some. We cannot wait to go back again soon.

If you're unsure whether the sensory gym is a good fit for your child, TOTville recommends that you first get them properly diagnosed by a healthcare professional. If they are overly sensitive to sights, sounds, touch, and movement, have coordination problems, struggle with speech, language, and motor skills, or react inappropriately in terms of behavior to social stimuli, these are all signs that they may have SID or SPD, and that the sensory gym may be beneficial to them.

If you're interested in TOTville's other services, they also provide feeding therapy, aqua therapy, lactation support, sleep support, and orofacial myofunctional therapy.

Created by occupational therapist and international board-certified lactation consultant Yevgeniya Peskova, TOTville has been providing clients with professional pediatric services since 2017. Their sensory gym is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on weekends by reservation.

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