Get Soft Wash Cleaning Equipment & Chemical Products From Bergen County, NJ Firm

Apr 14, 2024

J Racenstein supplies specialist cleaning machinery and cleaning chemicals to contractors in the Bergen County, NJ area. Call 800-221-3748 for quality products and expert advice on equipment and cleaning techniques.

Get the best quality equipment and materials for soft wash cleaning from J Racenstein, a specialist supplier of cleaning tools and chemicals to professional contractors and homeowners.

Serving customers across Bergen County and the whole of New Jersey, the company has launched the ProTool Clever, a compact and powerful soft washing system. The rugged and compact design makes it ideal for transporting between jobs in cars, vans, or trucks.

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The ProTool Clever will help you and your staff. It is a portable all-in-one washing system that automatically mixes the chemicals and water in the correct proportions and enables you to clean effectively with jets reaching heights of 30 feet from the ground.

Soft Washing has become the preferred cleaning method for roofs and many other surfaces, replacing pressure washing which was damaging the surfaces being cleaned. Pressure washing removes aggregates from roof shingles and reduces the life of the roof.

You use a chemical and water mix for soft washing, essentially a sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and water mix is applied that kills algae, mold, mildew, lichen, fungi, and moss. The ProTool ensures that you spray the mix in exactly the correct proportions.

J Racenstein can also supply you with surfactants, including the super-concentrated ‘Sticky’ which is added to the mix to help it adhere to the roof on application, rather than run off and risk damaging plants. They can also supply you with a further additive that gives the mix a more appealing lemon scent to mask the chlorine odor.

Once cleaning is complete the company recommends you use a post-clean neutralizer for spraying on plants to ensure they are not damaged by the mix.

In addition to supplying everything you may need for soft washing, J Racenstein also supplies a broad selection of other professional cleaning equipment, materials, and chemicals. The collection includes pure water-fed systems, pressure wash systems, and fall prevention equipment to protect you should you be working at height.

Carrying an extensive stock range, J Racenstein has a reliable distribution system to get products to you speedily throughout Bergen County, New Jersey, and the whole of the East Coast area. The company website provides you with a comprehensive library of helpful guides, training videos, and practical demonstrations of product and equipment use.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We strive to provide all the equipment and cleaning products that professional cleaning contractors may want. Our state-of-the-art distribution network gets orders to customers in the shortest possible time and we provide expert advice when it is needed via our website and our team of representatives.”

Robust equipment, high-quality chemicals, expert advice, and speedy delivery are all hallmarks of the J Racenstein company that has been supplying cleaning equipment and chemicals to the industry since 1909.

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