Roof Work Fall Protection Gear In NJ: Get A Safety Harness, Rope Grab & Anchor

Nov 14, 2023

J Racenstein NJ (201 809-7500) stocks a variety of fall prevention equipment for exterior building cleaning and high-rise roof work professionals. Shop online or in person.

Working in construction, roofing, or building cleaning comes with its own set of dangers, with falls being the most prominent risk.

Luckily, J Racenstein NJ's inventory includes an array of fall prevention tools - from safety harnesses, sky genie lines, and descenders to suction cups, portable roof anchors, lanyards, and more.

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Do you know that out of every five workplace fatalities, one happens in construction, with most of them resulting from falls?

But not to worry. J Racenstein’s extensive fall protection items allow you to easily upgrade your safety measures and stay compliant with OSHA and ANSI regulations while delivering quality services to your clients.

Included in the company’s range are the safety kits for soft-wash roof cleaning, roof work fall protection kits, and the roof cleaning safety 50-foot kit.

The roof cleaning safety 50-foot kit is all-inclusive, entry-level fall protection equipment that meets OSHA compliance regulations and provides both comfort and safety. It includes a full-body harness, 50 feet of rope, a rope grab, a shock pack, a reusable roof anchor, a carabiner, a snap hook, and a resealable bucket to store all items when not in use.

All products are sourced from top brands in the industry, including BlueWater, Kong Safety Equipment, and Gemtor, among others, to provide clients with the latest in fall protection.

About J Racenstein NJ

The company has been in business since 1909 and has two fully stocked warehouses in California and New Jersey. J Racenstein NJ also educates clients on the current industry safety standards and regulations through its online guides, safety guidance and consultations, and in-person training seminars.

A spokesperson said, "Our dedicated team of professionals is here to serve your needs. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, customer support, and ability to service the industry with the best products and services."

Shop all your fall protection gear in one place. Get peace of mind of knowing you have the equipment to keep you safe while you work.

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