Here Are 8 Types Of Indian Grandmas We Would Always Adore


Missing your grandmother? Relive some of your happiest moments with her again…….

1. The rockstar Dadi

Age has not snatched her exuberance. She is the chilled out one of the family and always spreads optimism, no matter how dull your day has been and motivates you to work harder, having taken all the responsibility to make you happy single-handedly!



2. The nervous Dadi

She is always scared of everything – her children, daughter-in-laws and specially for your safety and calls you ten times per hour whenever you go out. When you are late, even if the rest of the family is fast asleep, she is sure to be awake and will not go to sleep, until she serves you dinner (even if you are full) and puts you to bed.



3. The jasoos Dadi

Nothing escapes her eyes! Whether it’s you going to night outs by bluffing your family or that ‘special’ friend of yours sneaking in ,at night. She would have his janma kundli even before you are confident about him, thanks to her deciphering skills!



4. The dharmic Dadi

She is god fearing and spends her day in prayers and smells of agarbatti 24*7. She is always in pacts with the almighty, regarding your welfare and that of her children.



5. The master chef Dadi

She is responsible for all those adipose tissues you have built up over the years. Your house is characterized in the neighbourhood, by the delicious aroma, the kitchen exudes, thanks to her culinary skills. Her knees ache a lot, yet she keeps standing in the kitchen for those copious hours to cook your favourite meal.



6. The designer Dadi

You are known in your social group for those pull overs and fulkaris your grandmom made you, years ago. In fact, people envy those and perhaps by now, even your best friends have a couple of your grandmom’s creations. Your grandmother is the most disobedient patient of her eye specialist, after all her grandchild’s wardrobe is her sole responsibility!



7. The hitler Dadi

She is a stern disciplinarian and a ‘no-sense’ taskmaster. Naturally she scares everyone around and often frivolously rebukes you for all your silliness. But deep down, you know she spent hours wiping tears of regret after scolding you, but as you know, she will never make a spectrum of her emotions in front of anyone.



8. The drama queen Dadi

She dies every passing moment and has a heart attack every second. Every wish is her last wish. But isn’t her naively cute and harmless emotional blackmailing what, that has kept the family together, for so many years? What’s life without a little drama, after all!


What was/is your grandmother like?


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