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10 Cartoon Memes That Are Way Funnier Than The Real World


If you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so (which we know you haven’t, of course 😉 then you’ll be surprised to know that basically all your favorite cartoon shows have inspired at least one crazily funny meme. From SpongeBob Square Pants to The Simpsons, we’ve...


10 Funny Sister Quotes For Your Cute Annoying & Lovable Sis


Sisters can be amazing –as most of the relatives… but they do “amazing in a special way: they are so amazing when they’re not unbelievably annoying! You’ve shared amazing moments with your sister (or sisters, if you’re un/luckier than most!), so why not celebrate with a selection of ten funny...

What’s His Real Height: Pictures Of Bollywood Actor Salman Khan Looking Ridiculously Tall

- - Comments Off on What’s His Real Height: Pictures Of Bollywood Actor Salman Khan Looking Ridiculously Tall

Salman Khan can take off his shirts anytime, anywhere he wants but there is one thing he can’t probably do – ‘taking off his shoes’. How tall is King Salman Khan? Is he among the tallest actors in Bollywood? What would be his real height without shoes, we can only...

hybrid animals

10 Weird Hybrid Animals You Won’t Believe Are 100% Real


Hybrid animals are a thing, thanks to the occasional compatibility between closely related species – and, of course, many thanks to human intervention. And if you’ve probably heard of the mule – a cross between a horse and a donkey – you probably haven’t heard of the liger. Or the...

weird animals

10 Weird Animals That Are Practically Aliens On Earth


Rats with armor, deer with fangs, hairless moles? They’re all a thing – or things, really – and they’re all right here on planet Earth with us, though they don’t really look the part. These 10 weird animals might as well just come from a Sci-Fi movie – only they’re...

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