21 Funny Posts That Will Make You Say “THIS IS SO ME”


If this post won’t make you laugh you are free to punch me on the neck. I only laughed like 35 times before actually managing to finish writing this post, all while crying because everything is soooo me.

Super relatable post that made me say under my breath, “f*ck, this is so me.”

1. Just close your eyes and pretend you’re already dead, because you actually are dead inside for years now.

2. And I always end up falling asleep 5 hours later.

3. Because humans are noisy beings and dogs truly understand what you want.

4. “I just want to disappear forever.”

5. It’s an achievement that everyone of us can be proud of.

6. Dafuq you stealin’ credit for?

7. Maybe I should just live a life of a recluse and adopt at least 20 cats.

8. “When will they wake up, I’m hungry.”

9. I am a beautiful person…from within.

10. This bed is too comfortable, let me just die of starvation.

11. Welp, I guess I should have paid more attention during math class.

12. This is why I don’t talk to people, and please don’t talk to me!

13. *goes broke, files bankruptcy, government takes the children away, live in a park with only a cardboard*

14. By early I mean 7am, because it’s 3am and I still feel SUPER!

15. It’s also the same time when you start hearing colors.

16. Sorry boss, I can’t make it to work today because I died.

17. I have a friend like this and their laugh is funnier than the joke itself.

18. I call this the best vacation time ever.

19. Cue existential crisis that will last for at least three weeks.

20. I do this every weekend, not because I hate people, but because I love being a fluffy dog.

21. Cute on the outside, but this is me on the inside whenever people start bashing the person I hate. lmao