20 Indian Facebook Users Who Must Be Banned From The Internet


There are a lot of funny people on the internet, they really make it an entertaining place. But there are those who are just too much for us to handle. Some of them must be banned from Facebook and the rest of the internet. Forever. No questions asked.

1. This Indian kid who is more savage than most adults

2. This Indian man who wants to exterminate the Jews

3. And everyone who doesn’t know what Photoshop is

4. Plus this guy who can’t spell properly

5. And those who do not know their geography

6. This loverboy

7. And everyone who shared and liked this photo

8. We should also ban hashtag edgelords for our safety

9. Those who offer their lives to a stranger on Facebook

10. We should ban him so that he can focus on creating a better universe

11. We should have never met

12. We need to honor his request

13. Ban hot people too, we don’t need more of them

14. This person who wants everything must be stopped

15. He should spend more time outside of Facebook to find a girl friend

16. Can we all also agree that Mudasir needs to be banned for his revenge posts?


17. And all racist people on planet Earth, of course

18. This heartthrob

19. And generally people who don’t know how Facebook works

20. But Amith is cool. He needs to be the KING