11 Hilarious Vadivelu Comedy Memes That Will Have You Crying With Laughter

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There were rumors that the super hilarious memes with the Indian comedian, film actor and singer Vadivelu will be taken down.

It turned out that Vadivelu was too funny for some online communities and there were really people dying of laughter after hearing his jokes and witty comments or seeing the Vadivelu memes.

But how can we live in a world without Validelu, when it seem that he is the perfect character to talk about life, marriage, love, salary, beauty… Weather in in English or Tamil … or without any text, his facial expressions and reactions are captivating and so impressive. Vadivelu is the right cure for any bad mood during the winter or summer season.

The hilarious Vadivelu reactions are worth sharing with friends, with wife or husband, the perfect addition to a birthday wish, the best sarcastic comment you can use at school, in the gym, in a song or on Instagram.

As we believe that Vadivelu memes should not be forgotten but shared and spread throughout the whole world wide web, here’s our post dedicated to them.


2. voted # 1 Angry Validelu meme

3. Aahan



6. Top Facebook meme, great for a status

7. Validelu meme crying










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