10 Ultimate Deadpool Quotes You Would Like to Hear One More Time



Cheeky, funny, self aware, even romantic.

All those characterize the American blockbuster Deadpool.

You don’t need to be a superhero to enjoy some of the most memorable quotes from the movie. Which one is your favorite?

1. “Never underestimate the stupidity of idiots.”

2. “Okay guys, I only have twelve bullets, so you’re all going to have to share!”

3. “You can’t buy love, but you can rent it for three minutes!”

4. “Say the magic words, Fat Gandalf.”

5. “Bad Deadpool… Good Deadpool!”

6. “Life is an endless series of train-wrecks with only brief, commercial-like breaks of happiness.”

7. “Love is a beautiful thing. When you find it, the whole world smells like a daffodil daydream.”

8. “Oh, hello there! I bet you’re wondering, why the red suit? Well, that’s so bad guys can’t see me bleed!”

9. “If your left leg is Thanksgiving and your right leg is Christmas, can I visit you between the holidays?”

10.  “Gonna eat till I’m tired and then sleep till I’m hungry.”




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