Vans RV Plane Insurance Coverage & Owners’ Protection Guide For Private Pilots

Sep 21, 2022

Let’s be honest: if you’re building any kind of operational flying contraption from a kit, you’re a bit eccentric! So, even if you’re not worried about insurance, your family might be! Let them breathe more easily. Call BWI Aviation Insurance (800-666-4359).

Vans RV Plane Insurance Coverage & Owners' Protection Guide For Private Pilots

Your passion may be to build and to fly but the wishes of others around you may be more modest: let’s just hope Dad doesn’t crash into a neighbor’s home!

BWI Aviation Insurance, based in Los Angeles and Anchorage, has released a Vans RV insurance guide, detailing the statistical risks involved with homebuilt airplanes and the kinds of policies offered for both student and private pilots. The name “Vans RV” comes from that company’s founder, Richard (“Van”) VanGrunsven, one of the pioneers of the DIY airplane kits industry in the 1970s.

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The aircraft insurance agency, a family-owned and operated firm since 1977, has issued the guide to help educate flying enthusiasts like you – or your loved ones! – on the importance of insuring your airplane in the event of an expensive mishap. Approximately 85% of RV-12s, for example, are classified as “Light Sport” rather than “Experimental/Amateur-Built”, and from 1998 to 2017, there have been 500 RV aircraft accidents in the US – enough to highlight the practicality of carrying insurance.

Vans RV aircraft refers to the series of RV kits made available since 1973, from the RV4 – following the initial prototypes – through the RV14, all low-wing, aluminum planes until the latest model, the RV 15, the company’s first high-wing model built for back-country flying and landing. Metal aircraft are constructed using methods similar to those used for more traditional factory-built aircraft. If constructed from plans, they can be more difficult to construct – however, Vans RV does offer models that have been “pre-built” by its engineers.

BWI Aviation’s report notes that insurance for experimental, light sport, and home-built aircraft is not the same as insurance for any other kind of aircraft. The date the aircraft was built, whether it is hangered or tied, your expertise as a pilot with the aircraft or one comparable to it, and other details will be requested by aviation insurance firms.

Furthermore, the cost of the premium will vary significantly according to the type of aircraft, its hull value, its use, and your experience and qualifications. For all types of Vans RV aircraft, BWI Aviation Insurance provides coverage – including legal liability coverage, which protects owners for damage that occurs “outside of the aircraft.” This specifically refers to any harm to people or property brought on by flying the aircraft.

One satisfied client last week commented: “Jackie did an amazing job over the past few weeks. I had to switch up a few items on my insurance, and it was done immediately. The most painless insurance process I have ever had.”

Call them at 800-666-4359 and get to learn more about your options. They are extremely friendly and informative!

First, you can go to and read up a little on the basics of Vans RV insurance coverage through BWI. If you don’t know their history, you can look that up too!

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