US Precision Inkjet Media Products for Professional Packaging Design Prints

Apr 26, 2024

Dazzle your customers with perfectly crisp prints with ID Images inkjet media products! You can achieve the most professional-looking, high-resolution with these labeling experts.

Enhance Your Packaging With Inkjet Media

You know what they say; it's the inside that counts. But unless your product has a funny pickup line to get your customers' attention, you're going to need a compelling outside. And what good is product design if the label smudges or has pixelated text? With ID Images' inkjet media products, you'll get the perfect label printing results!

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ID Images specializes in professional labeling solutions for various industries in North America. The inkjet media products are perfect for packaging and marketing, as well as trace-and-track labels.

Quality Packaging as Marketing Strategy

Packaging is an efficient marketing method, with over 70% of consumers in the US saying that package design influences their purchasing decisions, according to statistics from Medium. By providing precision, quality prints, ID Images wants to help you improve your packaging and achieve a professional look.

"Our clients across marketing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and more have seen remarkable success with our inkjet media," a spokesperson for the company said. "From enhanced brand visibility to compliance with stringent industry standards, ID Images is at the forefront of delivering quality solutions."

Inkjet Media Products for All Your Labeling Needs

ID Images has a wide range of inkjet media products and can help you find the right custom solutions for your projects, including matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss papers. Additionally, ID Images has options for metal packaging, PET, and other tailored alternatives depending on the type of product. Inkjet media ensures long-lasting and vibrant results with high clarity, helping you enhance your product packaging.

The inkjet prints are popular for food and drink labels and marketing purposes. However, companies who need to ensure durable product information can opt for 3.5 mil matte synthetic for GHS/BS5609 compliance or 5 mil Kimdura for weather and smudge-resistant labeling.

More Labeling Options from ID Images

If you're in need of other labeling products, you can view all of ID Images stock options on their website or contact a team member for a personalized suggestion. Some other alternatives offered by ID Images include thermal transfer ribbons, laser sheet labels, and RFID labels. In addition to labeling, the company also manufactures signs for warehouses and grocery stores.

"ID Images' best-in-class team of label experts is committed to exceeding your expectations. With a diverse portfolio all under one award-winning, united company, we're able to meet the unique needs of every industry and use case while delivering superior value, innovation, higher quality, sustainable practices, and faster service," the company spokesperson said.

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