Enroll In An Accredited Training Course For Clinical Hypnotherapy In Roswell, GA

May 7, 2024

Eager to help people work through their trauma? Or maybe you’re looking for a fulfilling career. Either way, Georgia’s Professional Hypnosis Institute can set you on the right path with their professional clinical hypnotherapy training course. Call them at (404) 480-0480 today!

Whether you’re a licensed medical professional or healthcare worker, an educator, a military veteran, or just someone who wants to do good in the world, hypnotherapy is a great tool both for yourself and the people you want to help. And now, the path to becoming an accredited clinical or medical hypnotherapist is so much more accessible thanks to the Professional Hypnosis Institute’s certification program. You don’t need a college degree to make a difference - just the right mindset. The course is open to anyone and everyone who lives in Georgia, so don’t hesitate to enroll today!

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Hypnotherapy in Medicine

So, how effective is hypnotherapy? Research has shown that clinical and medical hypnotherapy can be used to complement traditional treatment methods for a variety of conditions. One study by the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center suggested that medical hypnotherapy can shorten hospital stays and reduce the amount of pain medication that patients require during post-recovery periods. Other studies have found that hypnosis can reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress related to chronic illnesses or traumatic events.

The Proper Education

However, clinical hypnotherapy and medical hypnotherapy require an intimate understanding of the body as a whole system, which is why the Professional Hypnosis Institute takes a uniquely integrative approach to their education. As they say, everything is connected, and getting at the root cause is the most effective way of treating the symptoms.

Developed and overseen by a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist with over 25 years of experience in the field, the certification program explores individual learning and processing styles, subconscious functions, and psychological constructs. 

You will also learn about neuroscience, physical and emotional health, and wellness, and you will have the opportunity to examine modern functional medical concepts and current brain and body research.

Yes, hypnotherapy has that much and more to it! But don’t worry. Professional Hypnosis Institute will teach you all of it.

Learn at Your Own Pace

If you’re concerned that you’re going to be overwhelmed by all that information, don’t be. Because it's a self-paced certification program, you’ll be able to access learning materials and training videos at any time and complete the modules at your convenience. It’s the perfect arrangement for anyone who has other things going on in life.

If you’re the type who needs a little more guidance, don’t worry about that either. The course also offers practical training sessions, during which you can observe live hypnotherapy sessions in progress and gain hands-on experience performing hypnosis techniques. Instructors will also schedule weekly conference calls to answer questions, review cases, and evaluate your progress.

Although the course features 400 hours of curriculum, the Professional Hypnosis Institute says that you’ll be capable of working with clients with simpler cases after completing the first 100 hours. That being said, the institute recommends completing the entire training program before you attempt to aid clients with more complicated conditions.

Accredited Training

Professional Hypnosis Institute’s training has been the only state-authorized school in Georgia for over 20 years. All educators are experienced in the field of mental health, having worked with clients with varying backgrounds and conditions.

There you have it. This isn’t just some dubious, cookie-cut hypnotherapy course you’d find on the internet. You’re learning the real deal from real, licensed professionals. So if you know that hypnotherapy is in your stars, you’ve found the best place to get started!

Visit https://professionalhypnosisinstitute.com to learn more!

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