Roswell/Atlanta, Georgia Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Program: Get Certified!

Apr 25, 2024

Whether you want to add hypnotherapy to your practice or are ready for a whole new career, the Professional Hypnosis Institute (404-480-0480) will teach you how to use hypnosis to transform clients’ lives while deepening your professional experience.

We all know the drama of stage hypnosis and movies where the evil hypnotist controls a persons mind. There are always swinging watches and people in creepy trances. But, jokes aside, hypnotherapy is a legitimate and powerful healing tool you can add to your work. Just ask Dr. Oz and other medical doctors who've been using hypnotherapy in hospital systems and office settings for decades. Dr. Oz told Laura Temin that Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective tools and he was surpised that it was not used more frequently.

Level up with Professional Hypnosis Institute's accredited hypnotherapy training program!

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This unique hypnotherapy training program will teach you techniques for motivational, clinical, medical, and professional hypnosis, so you can be prepared for clients in any situation.

Learn Medical Hypnotherapy

The medical hypnosis element of the program will teach you how to work with clients who are suffering from various chronic illnesses, recovering from surgery, or undergoing difficult extended treatments for cancer or other diseases.

Medical hypnosis focuses on helping to ease the symptoms or side effects clients might be experiencing, quickening their recovery, and improving their long-term health outcomes. You'll also learn how to use hypnotherapy with clients experiencing anxiety or fear upon receiving a stressful diagnosis. So many people fear dental procedures and with medical hypnosis training from Professional Hypnosis Institute, students can help people relax as they take care of their oral health.

Learn Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnosis addresses complex issues regarding past trauma, learned emotional behavior, and relationship patterns, all of which are impacted by an individual's brain function.

Professional Hypnosis Institute's training program will teach you how to identify the correlation between a client's brain function and their behavioral patterns, and then gear your hypnosis sessions around that knowledge.

If it turns out that clinical hypnosis is particularly interesting to you and you'd like to learn more, the company also offers specialized hypnosis training for ADD/ADHD clients.

Learn Motivational Hypnotherapy

For clients who wish to overcome a specific obstacle or achieve certain a goal, you'll learn how to use motivational hypnotherapy to support them in doing so.

The training program will teach you how to use motivational hypnosis to uplift and encourage this type of client and design hypnotherapy sessions around their specific goals or obstacles, keeping their unique psychology in mind.

Imagine being the person who helps a client to finally overcome a fear or obstacle that's been holding them back throughout their life. Hypnotherapy can be a truly rewarding endeavor!

Learn at Your Own Pace

Professional Hypnosis Institute has designed this training program to let you work when it's most convenient for you, giving you access to training materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Professional Hypnosis Institute's training program features on-demand video modules you can complete from any location. The program also gives you the opportunity to attend live practice sessions where you can meet other practitioners and receive clinical support.

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