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Apr 20, 2024

Become a certified hypnotherapist at the only state-approved hypnosis school located in Roswell GA live and online. Professional Hypnosis Institute (404-480-0480) offers highly specialized hypnotherapy training for anyone who wants to help others, and build a successful hypnotherapy business.

People are stressed. Anxiety and depression are on the rise. People are looking for fast, effective ways to calm down, and sleep through the night without taking drugs. People want to feel better and they don’t know how. They’re tired of spending years in therapy and are looking for fast, long lasting solutions. These people are seeking relief and need help. Hypnotherapists provide relief for pain, trauma, ADD and procrastination without medication. They help their clients be better athletes. Tiger Woods, professional golfer with 106 worldwide wins and 15 majors, used hypnosis to improve his performance and stay focused.

The school is excited to teach those who want to help others to stop smoking, lose weight, break an addiction or rekindle their love life? Those who are certified in hypnotherapy are able to build a solid career where they are their own boss, helping others heal and reach their goals.

Most people are looking for a career where they can set their own hours. Certified Hypnotherapists charge $100-$500/hour.

Professional Hypnosis Institute is the ideal solution for those seeking an authorized hypnotherapy certification program. Young and seasoned professionals who are seeking a new career, supplement their income or wanting to take charge of their own lives. This certified hypnosis school teaches people 18 years of age and older. The population is living longer and retired people have a lot of experience and skills. They want to live with purpose. A full or part-time career in hypnotherapy is a good option for this age range. And for those who have overcome obstacles of their own. The more challenges we face, the more life experience we gain. Hypnotherapy certification is a good option for those who have retired and want extra income and a purposeful life.

Young people have difficutly landing well paid jobs, and they need new career options. Many experienced isolation during COVID. Since the onset of COVID, anxiety in young people has escalated and many are still suffering. Those who have experienced this, understand those problems the best. Their personal experience combined with the training offered at Professional Hypnosis Institute, can make a difference in building a new careeer and helping their peers. The certification program consists of Clinical hypnosis, Medical hypnosis, Motivational hypnosis and Integrative hypnosis. Registration is open to people of all educational and professional backgrounds.

Research shows that for many, hypnotherapy increases patient compliance. Physicians, Nurses, and health care workers are incorporating hypnotherapy into their medical practice. One physician who was certified in hypnotherapy at the Professional Hypnosis Institute told us he simply adds it in during his visit with his patient. When a patient complains of stress, he knows how to help them enter hypnosis so they can relax. He also uses hypnotherapy tools to help his patients lose weight and satisfy their hunger. He told us, “I would definitely recommend Professional Hypnosis Institute to my colleagues. They are professional, they know what they are doing and I was able to use the tools right away. They even tailored the training for my medical practice.”

A person doesn't have to be a physician to learn hypnosis and help people change their lives. Psychologists, Therapists, Massage Therapists, Teachers, and Tutors, can improve outcomes with their clients. Stay at home moms and dads, have the ability to make extra money using hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapy certification training allows for a flexible learning schedule. Once certified, the graduate can work the days and hours that suit them.

Those who are tired of working in a dead-end jobs have the ability to begin a new career in a helping field where people are seeking qualified help.

Professional Hypnosis Institute’s Certification Training is for those who won’t settle for anything less than the highest quality education. A spokesperson from the school explains, “Our hypnotherapy certification program offers a holistic approach, so our students are happy and their clients are happy. Happy clients mean more referrals.

The hypnosis certification program at Professional Hypnosis Institute teaches students, a proven proprietary formula to get results with every client. This formula reveals the client’s individual style of learning, so that the hypnotherapist can develop a personalized program for fast, and long-lasting results. 

Comprehensive training

Typically, hypnosis training is taught by a person who is not a licensed therapist, so they do not have a background in counseling. They have not worked in a wide array of settings so their training is not as comprehensive. It's more of a one size fits all approach. Professional Hypnosis Institute provides an innovative approach, helping the student understand how to formulate a very personal strategy for each client. The student learns how trauma affects a person and how to tailor every hypnosis session appropriately to resolve the problem, not just the symptom.

Because the program is designed by experienced clinicians, psychotherapists, marriage counselors, clinical hypnotherapists who have been using these exact methods themselves - Professional Hypnosis Institute graduates are fully prepared.

The current Director has brought hypnotherapy into the medical system, government, business and private sectors, This experience is reflected in the training ensuring that the graduates will be equipped with all the tools and knowledge needed for success.

Unique approach

The hypnotherapy certification training program is offered in 100 hour segments. After each 100 hours, the student graduates from that level and is awarded a certification. Graduates are equipped to work with clients after the first 100 hour training. Each training can be completed at the students own pace. And the student is expected to complete each level within 6 months.

People are complex. That’s why the school offers 3 additional levels of training. The courses focus on clinical, medical and motivational hypnosis. Although the student is certified to begin practice after completing their first 100 hours, many students continue onto the next 100 hours and build experience and expertise. 

One recent graduate stated, "The information taught in the first 100 hours is life changing. It helped me personally. And I know it will help others." Perhaps it is because they are taught a combination of psychology, brain function and subconscious processes all rolled into one. Another student reported that it was the personal attention that made the greatest difference. 

How is the program delivered?

The program is primarily taught online, through pre-recorded videos along with live Zoom meetings. Additionally, monthly hands-on practice sessions are held so students can work with one another or watch the instructor work with them or with clients. Those who cannot attend the physical classes can join from zoom. And since practice makes perfect, students are required to practice at home and with one another as well as at the school during the practice times.

Professional Hypnosis Institute is the only state-authorized hypnosis school in Georgia. For over 20 years, they have trained people to become certified hypnotherapists, and the students have moved on to create their own practices in clinical, medical, and motivational hypnosis or used hypnotherapy to support their current work, their loved ones or those in their care. A Doctor of Naturopathy became certified in professional hypnotherapy at Professional Hypnosis Institute and combines the information she learned along with her medical knowledge to help her patients take charge of their health.

A spokesperson for the school explained, "Our hypnotherapy training truly is an integrative model. We know that the subconscious mind is the storage house of how we think and feel. It is the connecting force between the brain, the cells in our body, and all of our experiences. We don’t teach silly parlor tricks, we teach students to be highly esteemed professionals. We make sure that our graduates are fully equipped to succeed and confident in their abilities as they move forward as a professional hypnotherapist. Our discovery call gives the student a chance to ask questions and gather information before applying for the training."

Go to, schedule a discovery call so you can learn more. 

By the way, many celebrities have used hypnosis, including Ellen DeGeneres who used it to stop smoking. Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, is believed to have used hypnotherapy to lose weight and head off future weight gain. Bruce Willis used hypnotherapy to overcome stuttering. Can you imagine how life changing it is for a person to stop stuttering? What a gift!

The spokesperson for Professional Hypnosis Institute smiled and said, "Someone has to be the Professional Hypnotherapist to the stars, why not you?" Reach out to Professional Hypnosis Institute to learn more about their Hypnotherapy Certification.

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