Dr Jay Feldman Shares Tips For Better HRV With Pulsetto’s Vagus Nerve Stimulator

May 18, 2024

Want to know the biohacking secrets of the pros? Dr. Jay Feldman is sharing his insights into vagus nerve stimulation, improving your HRV, and de-stressing in Pulsetto’s latest blog.

Did you know that you could improve your HRV – a top biohacker health marker – through at-home vagus nerve stimulation? Dr. Jay Feldman is sharing all the best ways to include vagus nerve stimulation into your everyday routine and the science behind how it actually works. 

See what Dr. Jay has to say in an exclusive blog for Pulsetto at https://pulsetto.tech/blogs/blog/dr-jay-feldman-tips-vagus-nerve-stimulation-device-to-increase-hrv     

Who Is Dr. Jay Feldman?

Osteopathic physician & serial entrepreneur, Dr. Jay Feldman, is one of the leading voices in YouTube’s biohacker community. 

Dr. Jay is one of many professional health experts exploring the use of electric energy to manipulate the body for longevity and better overall health. His own enterprise, PEMF, is a wellness modality which uses pulses of electromagnetic energy to stimulate and exercise the body’s cells. This interest has naturally led Dr. Jay to explore the potential benefits of vagus nerve stimulation using non-invasive at-home devices, like Pulsetto.

What Are Dr. Jay’s Top Tips?

As part of his exclusive contribution to Pulsetto’s blog series, Dr. Feldman has shared his insights into vagus nerve stimulation and its potential benefits for relieving stress and anxiety, as well as improving HRV. In a short nine-minute video, he talks about Pulsetto’s own vagus nerve stimulator device and the research he has carried out on the science behind how the wellness device works.

Top tips from the good doctor include:

  • Scheduling vagus nerve stimulation for best results
  • Improving overall health with diet
  • Monitoring for results using biohacking markers, like HRV

Heart rate variability (HRV), a key marker of stress resilience in the body, has recently been brought to the fore by America’s biohacking community. Those taking a more holistic approach to their health, through processes like electrical vagus nerve stimulation, are encouraged to monitor their HRV to show progress made or as an indicator that more improvement is needed.

The Science Behind The Hype

Something which sets this blog series apart from others in the holistic health department, is that it is always bringing it back to the science behind how vagus nerve stimulation works.

Dr. Jay shares his own experiences of using Pulsetto from a physician’s standpoint. He conducted his own at-home experiments, recording measurable improvements for both brain activity and heart rate after using Pulsetto’s vagus nerve stimulator. Thus demonstrating just how effective vagus nerve stimulation can be for both body and mind.

Designed based on the latest research into the vagus nerve and the parasympathetic nervous system, Pulsetto’s vagus nerve stimulator is a non-invasive wellness device which promotes a feeling of calm through customizable electrical impulse programs. Through a Bluetooth-enabled app, users can select the program which best suits their symptoms and listen to calming music to further aid in stress relief.

If you want to try it for yourself, or would like to read more about Dr. Jay Feldman’s tips for better health, visit Pulsetto’s blog series at https://pulsetto.tech/blogs/blog/dr-jay-feldman-tips-vagus-nerve-stimulation-device-to-increase-hrv     

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