US High-Frequency RFID Labels to Improve Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Apr 30, 2024

Leave nothing to chance with smart RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags from ID Images! Get the most precise asset tracking there is and become a trustworthy, efficient company with these labels!

Smart Tracking Solution With RFID Labels

Do you wish you could be in more control of your supply chain and inventory? Thanks to the smart technology in RFID labels from ID Images, it's easy! Just slap on a tag and get access to real-time tracking!

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If you work in logistics, you know how complex supply chain systems have become, making it feel close to impossible to remain in control of what's happening when goods leave your facility. ID Images' offers UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) RFID labels as a straightforward solution that can be customized to various industries. The smart labels have precise asset tracking chips that allow you to get full control over your inventory and deliveries.

Active RFID Labels for Remote Tracking

RFID labels help businesses improve their traceability and can be implemented in a blockchain system to build trust with customers. ID Images has a range of options, including active tags that allow for remote tracking.

"When it comes to RFID labels, customization is key to ensuring the labels meet your specific requirements," a spokesperson for the company said. "ID Images offers a variety of material and adhesive options to match every industry need and application scenario."

Combine RFID and Blockchain for Smooth, Reliable Operations

A 2023 article from Dev Pro Journal names RFID and blockchain as a revolutionizing combination when it comes to automation. By providing real-time tracking and easy data readings, RFID can reduce human error and enhance efficiency in their operations. Together with blockchain technology, RFID can provide valuable insights, prevent fraud, and improve supply chain management.

Custom RFID Tech Solutions

ID Images' UHF RFID tags have the longest read ranges and are a suitable option for logistics and supply chain management industries. The company also offers low-frequency, high-frequency, and NFC RFID labels that can be used for livestock, interactive marketing, and secure transactions.

The RFID labels can be ordered in paper for a budget-friendly solution or synthetic materials to withstand longer and hard use. ID Images also offers permanent, removable, and specialty adhesive depending on the intended use. If you want to implement RFID labels into your asset tracking strategy, you can contact a member of the team of labeling experts to get a suggestion on a custom solution.

More Labels From ID Images

In addition to RFID labels, ID Images offers inkjet and laser sheets, thermal, integrated and decorative labels for most major industries. With 16 facilities spread out across the US and Canada, ID Images can deliver labels quickly.

"ID Images blends the vast capabilities of a large organization with the personalized service of a local partner, making us your ideal choice for both personalized and ready-made labeling solutions," the company spokesperson said.

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