Custom Thermal Transfer Labels & Ribbons For Manufacturing Companies

May 20, 2024

If your business does a lot of labeling then you should consider stocking up on some thermal transfer labels from custom label company ID Images (866-516-7300)!

If you're looking for labels that are clear, concise, and long-lasting there are no better options on the market than ID Images' thermal transfer labels! The labels are resilient, adaptable, and can be customized for use in several different settings.

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What Are Thermal Transfer Labels?

Thermal transfer labels — which are made using a combination of extreme heat, ink-infused ribbons, and substrates — offer a quality of image that other labeling techniques can’t replicate. “Thermal transfer printing allows printheads to last longer, as the ribbon works as a buffer to protect the printhead from the label material,” explained a spokesperson for ID Images. “Because of this, we’re able to produce clearer and more consistent results than other methods.”

Are They Easy To Customize?

Customization is really easy when it comes to thermal transfer labels! ID Images lets you select the materials involved, from the labels and adhesives to the ribbons and inks, and they also give you full control over the information on the labels and their sizes and shapes. They carry everything from standard paper to more robust polypropylene and polyester options.

What Can They Be Used For?

The versatility of thermal transfer labels makes them a preferred labeling method in many different industries. Primarily, they are used in transport and logistics for tasks such as shipping and inventory control and tracking; however, they are also being utilized more in the retail, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, electronics, and food and beverage sectors.

Are Thermal Transfer Labels Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! If sustainability is your priority, ID Images offers an assortment of eco-friendly substrates, ribbons, and inks that might be up your alley. Their thermal transfer technique has also been carefully developed to minimize the ecological footprint that label production leaves behind. Because the labels can be ordered in bulk, any shipping-related waste is significantly reduced as well.

How Many Thermal Transfer Labels Can I Order?

In its inventory, ID Images has dozens of roll and fanfold options for you to consider. These rolls and fanfolds range in volume from as few as 250 labels per ream to as many as 11,000, and they come in cases anywhere from 2 to 32 reams per box. You also have the option to add perforation for easier application.

"Choosing ID Images for our thermal transfer labels was a game-changer," said a satisfied client. "Their labels are high quality, ensuring our products stand out on the shelves. Plus, their customer service is exceptional, always going above and beyond to meet our needs. We would highly recommend them."

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