Tennessee Retailers Use Durable & Versatile Custom Thermal Transfer Labels

Apr 30, 2024

Explore ID Images’ (866-516-7300) range of top-quality thermal transfer labels, perfect for shipping labels, transport, logistics, and more. Based in Brunswick, OH, ID Images is a leading North American manufacturer of customized and stock labels, offering the versatility and durability you need.

Looking for a cost-efficient, high-quality labeling solution able to stand up to heat, sunlight, and abrasions without degradation? ID Images has you covered.

Get in touch now to speak with a labeling expert and to request your free sample kit, at https://www.idimages.com/stock-labels/thermal-transfer-labels

ID Images is home to North America's best thermal transfer technologies for thermal transfer labels that are not only reliably durable and versatile but also customizable to meet your specific needs.


ID Images is successfully meeting the growing demand for thermal transfer labels designed for a full range of uses. Think: shipping labels, inventory identification, UL labels, packaging information, product labeling, and barcodes across transport, logistics, warehousing organization, lot separation, the list goes on.

Through cutting-edge methods, ID Images offers you a future-proof labeling solution whether you're located in Canada or the US and regardless of your specific criteria. These are the experts offering innovation, creativity, and a level of customer-focused service you won't find anywhere else.

Here's what a company spokesperson wants you to know:

“Most people think thermal transfer labels are limited to transport and shipping labels only, but their application is incredibly versatile and constantly expanding. We’re seeing demand from the consumer products sector needing a robust solution for product identification, asset tracking and package identification, as well as the electronics sector, for chemical drum labeling, and so much more.”


Thermal transfer labels are created when heat from a thermal transfer printer head is applied to a layer of ribbon placed on top of a label, causing the carbon pigment from the ribbon to transfer to the label. This results in a sharp, long-lasting image for reliable readability, even under the most challenging conditions.

An example of this is the electronics industry where thermal transfer labels are used for labeling components, circuit boards, and electronic devices. ID Images' high-quality printing methods ensure labels remain sharp, clear, and legible over the long term.


ID Images is made up of a network of 16 manufacturing facilities that can accommodate all your personalization and customization requests for orders of any size. You can count on their end-to-end services - from label design and conceptualizing to order completion - for the results you need.

Eco-friendly options are also available, ensuring high-quality outcomes that don’t come at the expense of the environment. From recycled materials to responsible manufacturing processes, the company strives to minimize its eco-footprint and that of its customers by extension.

Wondering about cost? Get an instant quote for any type of thermal transfer label through the ID Images website. This is where you can also request a free sample kit, or contact the company's experts with any questions.

If you're sure of your needs, ID Images makes it easy for you to place your order online. They've provided a user-friendly, step-by-step guide you can follow, and also allow you to create your own account for fast and easy repeat orders.

Ready to work with the industry's best? Learn more about ID Images and see what a difference their commitment to top-quality makes, at https://www.idimages.com/stock-labels/thermal-transfer-labels

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