Get Oriental Rug Hand Cleaning & Color Correction In Chickasaw Gardens

Apr 26, 2024

From stained and dusty to delightful, River City Rug Cleaning (+1-901-341-7847) will transform your oriental rugs with the hand-cleaning care they need!

Are you dealing with a disastrous greasy food stain, pet mishap, or the dreaded crimson echo of red wine slipped from careless fingers? If you need to restore your prized carpet centerpiece or family heirloom back to its former glory, River City Rug Cleaning are the oriental carpet cleaning experts you need!

Get your rug the royal treatment it deserves today at

River City Rug Cleaning will thoroughly inspect your oriental rug and provide a specialized handwashing and dusting service according to its age, condition, and specific requirements.

Customized Gentle Care To Protect Your Prized Possession

Whether soiled by mud and dirt, food, coffee, pet, or wine stains, the team delicately cleans textiles utilizing a custom combination of gentle detergents and advanced techniques to restore their beauty and extend their lifespan.

Unlike synthetic area rugs or carpets, hand-woven oriental rugs from Iran, Turkey, or India, are made from natural fibers such as silk or wool. Therefore, they require knowledgeable care to prevent damage and premature aging from chemicals or abrasive action.

The company’s technicians will preserve the craftsmanship and intricate designs of oriental rugs from all over the world. In addition, their methods enhance color vibrancy, ensuring your carpet remains an attractive focal point in your home.

Say Goodbye To Stains, Dirt, & Odors Too!

Another issue River City Rug Cleaning addresses is odor caused by trapped particles or moisture. The team is equipped with the tools and experience to eliminate even the most stubborn unpleasant smells from your oriental rug.

Protective & Restorative Treatments For Oriental Rugs

For enhanced protection, the boutique rug cleaning shop applies MicroSeal - a non-toxic and VOC-free treatment that penetrates rug fibers to strengthen them and guard against spills and UV fading.

Other services offered by the team include color correction for dye migration due to environmental factors or improper spot cleaning. Moth treatment is also available to repel insects and remove larvae. River City Rug Cleaning also provides non-slip rug pads to minimize damage to both the carpet and floor, prevent bunching, and dampen sound.

Pickup & Delivery Service

River City Rug Cleaning offers a pickup and delivery service for rolled rugs. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to drop it off at the store or make other arrangements for unrolled rugs.

“I could not be more pleased with our experience,” said a satisfied customer. “River City Rug Cleaning came highly recommended by a friend. We mailed them a family heirloom rug and they took so much care ensuring it was cleaner than ever before and safely transporting it back. I’ll certainly be sending some more.”

For the best oriental rug cleaning services you need, call River City Rug Cleaning today at 901-341-7847!

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