Greenwich Village Gourmet Plant-Based Lunch Restaurant Serves French Cuisine

May 6, 2024

Delice & Sarrasin (212-243-7200) welcomes you to enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner at their popular plant-based restaurant where they are serving up unforgettable vegan versions of French classics.

If you live in Greenwich Village or Lower Manhattan and you haven’t had lunch at Delice & Sarrasin yet, what are you waiting for!?

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Gourmet Plant-Based Lunches & Dinners

If you want to enjoy a gourmet food experience that is also cruelty-free, ethical and sustainable, you’ll love having lunch at Delice & Sarrasin, one of NYC’s most highly-rated plant-based restaurants,

In addition to their popular dinner service, Delice & Sarrasin is pleased to be making their full menu available at their lunch service, including their lighter selection of savory buckwheat galettes.

Whether you want to enjoy a quicker bite or a full European-style three-course lunch experience, the Head Chef at Delice & Sarrasin, Yvette Caron, is confident the restaurant can offer you the finest gourmet tastes using completely plant-based ingredients.

Traditional French Cuisine Goes Vegan

Channeling her background studying and working as a chef in Provence, in the South of France, the menu at Delice & Sarrasin includes traditional French dishes like Coq au Vin, Boeuf Bourguignon and Steak Frites.

Caron is pleased to also serve you vegan versions of lesser-known dishes like Coquilles St Jacques—Caron’s version features artisan in-house artisan plant-based scallops pan seared and served over a bed of spinach. Another unique dish inspired by the French original that you’re sure to love is Caron’s Aiguilette de Canard, which uses seitan cooked in tarragon and mustard to replicate the original duck of the recipe.

You can choose to complement these mains with the restaurant’s extensive selection of appetizers, sides and desserts. Or, if you prefer a lighter but still flavorful and rich meal, you can choose new savory galettes like their Mr Rabelais, which has vegan Toulouse ‘sausage’, authentic Parisian mushrooms, mustard cream and coconut emmental cheese.

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Delice & Sarrasin, For An Exceptional Dining Experience

Delice & Sarrasin is now open for brunch, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Whatever the time of day, Yvette Caron and the family team behind the upscale plant-based restaurant will ensure that you are transported to France, and enjoy the charm, rich culinary history and gourmet flavors of this favorite foodie destination.

A spokesperson for the Caron family said, “Our family-run Manhattan restaurant is committed to creating a truly immersive plant-based dining experience where dedicated vegans, curious foodies, or simply someone seeking a taste of France in a compassionate way, can indulge in the rich heritage of French gastronomy.”

Due to their popularity and the intimate size of their dining area, you should book ahead.

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